[Video] This Soft Machine’s ‘On & On’


This Soft Machine    On   On   Official Video    YouTube

We peeped This Soft Machine (ex-Das Moth)’s raw Disco new single On & On last month. the track is released this week, along with this crazy new video.

With direction and animation by Rob Judges, the clip is a madcap,  psychedelic, nostalgia fuelled five minutes.

Via FACT Magazine.

This Soft Machine On & On is out now.

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[Audio] This Soft Machine’s ‘On & On’


This Soft Machine

Sometime Das Moth, sometime just Tim Sullivan, now This Soft Machine released his début single under this moniker next moth. The London based musician has got on board with Eskimo Recordings to present his première double A-side that features the two tracks, On & On and This Place Was Meant For Me. Ahead of the records release you can check out On & On when it features on the latest instalment of Eskimo’s colour themed compilations. The pretty amazing The Orange Collection, due out in May.

Enlisting the talents of a whole bunch of friends, including Lorraine Nicholson on vocals and Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford on synths, This Soft Machine recorded On & On live; which is no mean feat as the track is a pretty complex Cosmic Disco jam. Five minutes in length, On & On evolves as it progresses introducing a warbling synth groove, smooth walking bass and Nicholson husky vocals amid a sea of Sci-Fi electronic brap. Restrained Disco experimentalism that must have been fun as hell to record.

♫ This Soft Machine – On & On

This Soft Machine On & On is released 13th April. Eskimo Recordings’ The Orange Collection is released 4th May.

Check out more from This Soft Machine on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Michoacan’s ‘The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand’



Fernando Miranda Rios A.K.A. Michoacan, he of Disco Suck So Good fame, is back with another forthcoming blistering release on Eskimo Recordings. It’s a three track release titled The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand, and it’s a pure Cosmic Disco workout. A fuzzy analog synth love-letter that’ll have you melting into your speakers. Check it out.

The EP’s title track is an eight minute epic, an exercise in freeform Disco and blissed out Moog jamming. a rotund, playful, beat keeps the time alongside a head nodding bassline, giving room in the track for all manner of snyths squelches, trills, zaps and Funk solos to haphazardly glide across the tune. One of the B-sides, No Magic Orchestra usurps a Kraftwerkian rhythm and rudely pairs it with a baseline reminiscent of a Post-Punk attempt at Disco and the Funky snyth noodlings of a madman. all three tracks on the EP are electronically enchanting. Galactic voyages withy a slightly drunk pilot. Disco made by broken robots. Definitely worth your attention.

♫ Michoacan – The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

♫ Michoacan – No Magic Orchestra

Michoacan’s The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand is released 11th November.

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[Video] Holy Models’ ‘Swimming’


Holy Models   Swimming  official video    YouTube

It always weird us out when labels release a track’s video after the song is out, seems to defeat the point of using it to build excitement for the release. Oh well, we guess Eskimo Recordings have a plan as they have just premiered the video for Australian trio Holy Models’ laid back Tropical Swimming single.

The video is suitably trippy and psychedelic, but with a nice chilled, summery, thread running throughout.

Holy Models Swimming is out now.

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[Audio] Rocco Raimundo reMixes Holy Models’ ‘Swimming’



Eskimo Recordings recent accusation, Australian trio Holy Models’ new single Swimming has been causing quite a stir amongst people in-the-know int he last couple of weeks. The threesome of Adam Frawley, Mitchell Van Kaathoven and Luke McKay with a little behind the scenes help from Mr. James Curd, are due to release this début next week with a host of reMixes. One mix in particular has caught our attention, coming from Disco don Rocco Raimundo.

Rocco serves up a blistering array of poolside sounds set to a heavy, but laid back, House beat. Rolling Disco bass runs all over the tune, a synth pulsar that singes on the whole track. Hazy, delayed, vocal snatches and comfortable keys all add up to deliver a chilled, but imminently funky, seven minutes of sunshine bliss.

♫ Holy Models – Swimming (Rocco Raimundo reMix)

Holy Models The Pink Collection EP is released 26th August.

Check out more from Holy Models on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Holy Models’ ‘Swimming’


Holy Models

Eskimo Recordings have been knocking it out of the park in the last twelve months, their latest discovery hails from Adelaide in South Australia and have been making waves on the Australian scene for the last few months. They’re called Holy Models. Adam Frawley and Mitchell Van Kaathoven, and recent addition Luke McKay, and delivering some seriously breezy poolside sounds and will be showing them off on their début EP, The Pink Collection, of which Swimming is the lead track.

Swimming is a playful and carefree tune that immediately draws you in with Lo-Fi Disco beats and an infectious walking bassline. This easy groove belies something a little darker in the lyrics, but the silky delivery atop blissful reverb drenched Disco and shimmering synths makes it all OK. The track was also co-produced by Mr. James Curd!

♫ Holy Models – Swimming

Holy Models The Pink Collection EP is released 26th August.

Check out more from Holy Models on SoundCloud.

[Audio] ATTAR!’s ‘The Fool’



The Fool is the new single from Belgian synthetic Disco maestro ATTAR!. Released later in the month on Eskimo Recordings, The Fool is actually the début solo release from ATTAR!, ex-one half of Mustang, despite the fact that it seems otherwise. ATTAR! has been entertaining us with tracks, reMixes and mixtapes for months now, his last original release being the free Folivora Parade.

Featuring vocals from Cherry, The Fool walks the line between slowed down robotic Disco and Italo in order to deliver a steady tune that’s a brooding as it is funky. With a slightly Killer-esque bassline, heavy on the synths, the track serves up an almost 80s SynthPop feel that is just faintly brushed with a Disco groove to make it dancefloor palatable. Possibly the best of both worlds. The B-side, Colibri, ups the tempo somewhat for a jackin’ House jam that hit’s just the right floorfilling notes. The single comes equipped with a reMix from Pete Oak, definitely worth checking out.

♫ ATTAR! (Feat. Cherry) – The Fool

♫ ATTAR! – Colibri

ATTAR!’s The Fool is released 24th June

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Michoacan’s ‘Disco Sucks so Good’ reMixes


Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good, or D.S.S.G was originally the B-side for his 2006 Lectroluv 12” Basshead. It seems the track made such an impression on those at Eskimo Recordings that six years later they are about to present the track, and a ton of remixes, fresh for 2012.

Disco Sucks So Good is a wicked crossover track Indie-Disco in a LCD Soundsystem or The Faint vein with an added injection of heavy Dub. A haunting raucous electronic workout that somehow manages to keep a groove while post-punk vocals wail over the top. The reMix package has been expertly chosen. Kasper Bjørke delivers our favourite as he holds on to the space Dub feel of the original, but mixed it deftly with some hypnotic Disco and Italo (maybe ‘Italo Dub’ is a thing after all?). Making Vito Areoplane’s monthly mix tape this month is Martin Dubka’s take on the track, who brings an explosive Moroder Disco style to the tune and takes the spaced-out Dub effects into Cosmic Funk territory. Also on the release you’ll find an Acid Funking mix from tiger Stripes.

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Original Mix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Kasper Bjørke reMix)

♫ Michoacan – Disco Sucks So Good (Dubka reMix)

Michoacan’s Disco Sucks So Good is out 29th October on Eskimo Recordings.

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