[Audio] Alex Metric & Stefan Storm’s ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’ reMixed by Cassian



Our friends over at Stoney Roads got themselves the killer scoop on this new reMix from Sydney House master Cassian. He’s served up a bouncy-as-hell reMix of the forthcoming new single from Mr. Alex Metric; Heart Weighs A Ton. The track, of course, features the vocal stylings of the one and only Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows, which just means there is so much pedigree, and so much to like, about this track from the offset.

Cassian pulls out the springiest of rubbery basses for this one. Deep and booming yet bouncing all over the track, the bassline fires itself across razor sharp drums with Cassian grabs snatches of Stefan’s uplifting vocal and drops them here and there. Enter the piano hook to tie the track together and elevate it to a place of dancefloor madness. Time to get your head down and keep dancing.

♫ Alex Metric (Feat. Stefan Storm) – Heart Weighs A Ton (Cassian reMix)

Alex Metric’s Heart Weighs A Ton is out 3rd October.

[Via Stoney Roads]

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[Video] Alex Metric & Stefan Storm’s ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’


Alex Metric   Heart Weighs A Ton  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Alex Metric’s new single Heart Weighs A Ton. A glorious, pounding ElectroPop track that features our good buddy Stefan Storm from The Sound Of Arrows. This one’s got the stomping beats of Metric with the big choruses of The Sound Of Arrows; a killer combination.

Jack Wagner and Zach Shields the clip plays to the song’s themes, documenting the life of LA widower Glenn Bruno following his dreams of becoming a professional dancer in honour of his late wife Robin.

Alex Metric’s Heart Weighs A Ton is out now.

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[Audio] The Alexanders & Anna Lunoe’s ‘Don’t Miss’


Anna Lunoe

Partyfine is just full of collaborations, isn’t it? most of them involving label boss Yuksek. So it’s no surprise that the imprint’s latest release, the forthcoming Don’t Miss, sees the man himself teaming-up with the one and only Alex Metric and Aussie producer-of-the-moment Anna Lunoe. Yuksek and Metric bill themselves as The Alexanders and the track broken ground on Annie Mac’ show this past weekend.

Don’t Miss is a cheeky House juggernaut. Driven by a mind-bendingly infectious Italo flavour bassline, the track is a full-on Electro-House stomper the like of which you don’t see so much these days, making us feel nostalgic for the Electro-House boom days of 2007/2008. Spikey synths and abrasive burbles rub shoulders with comfortable retro stabs and Anna’s mantra vocals to deliver one of those peak time anthems.

♫ The Alexanders (Feat. Anna Lunoe) – Don’t Miss

The Alexanders’  Don’t Miss is released 24th February.

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[Audio] Empire Of the Sun’s ‘DNA’ reMixed by Alex Metric



The next single from Australian ElectroPop characters Empire Of the Sun’s second album, Ice On The Dune, is DNA. The big-synthed anthem is due out later this month and comes stuff full of huge reMix from the likes of Calvin Harris, Brodinski and Alex Metric. The latter of whom has uploaded his version to his SoundCloud page so we can all grab a tasty advance listen.

The original’s massive ElectroPop is somewhat tempered, and reined in by Metric, instead he concentrates on creating a smooth vibe. It’s an almost Dreamwave mood this reMix has got, that’s counterpointed with a compelling dancefloor beat, making it both a call-to-dance and something enriching for your emotions. This one should definitely be in everyone crate, it’s a proper weapon.

♫ Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Alex Metric reMix)

Empire Of The Sun’s DNA is released 24th September.

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[Video] Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Safe With You’


Alex Metric   Jacques Lu Cont feat. Malin   Safe With You  Official Video   Ministry of Sound TV    YouTube

Here’s the video for Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont’s Poptastic Safe With You. Featuring Niki & The Dove‘s Malin on vocals, this track really is going to blow up this September.

The video features ice skating, and video effects. there’s not much more to say about it really. Odd choice, but there we go.

Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s Safe With You is out 22nd September..

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[Audio] Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Safe With You’


Alex Metric

Last month we introduced you to the Dub Mix of Alex Metric‘s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont’s Safe With You. It’s was surprisingly amazing, but all we could have asked for is a bit more in the vocal department from Niki & The Dove‘s Malin, and more of a Pop structure. Well, we didn’t have to wait long as this past weekend Pete Tong premièred the full vocal version of the track, grab yourself a listen.

Possibly one of the Pop songs of the year, Metric and Lu Cont don’t hold back the big builds and uplifting hook, weaving them effortlessly with hard hitting dancefloor beats and gruff basslines. Malin’s vocals soar over the track and really make the track what it is, the chorus is so insanely hands-in-the-air that not even shoving your hands deep in your pockets will prevent the inevitable. Expect to hear this a lot over the summer, and your life will be enriched for it. Bring Pop and Dance together perfectly.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Single Mix)

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[Audio] Alex Metric teams-up with Jacques Lu Cont



Alex Metric’s team-up with Jacques Lu Cont, Safe With You, premiered on Friday on Annie Mac’s show and it turns out it’s awesome. We say ‘turns out’ because both of these producers recent efforts, whilst top quality, have disappointed up a little coming from artists of this calibre. After a few listens to the Dub mix of Safe With You we can definitely say the whole is greater than the sum if it’s parts.

But it’s parts don’t stop at Metric and Lu Cont, the track also features the vocals of Niki & The Dove crazy Malin, and with all this in the melting pot the result is dancefloor excellence. Pounding beats, pumping basslines, grinding synths, sparkling arpeggios, everything you need at peak-time. Malin’s sweet vocal croons it’s way through the track as the wall of sound behind it seems to build and build. Can’t wait to hear the full vocal version.

♫ Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont (Feat. Malin) – Safe With You (Dub Mix) (Radio Rip)

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Alex Metric & Punks Jump Up reMix St. Lucia


Hot on the heels of his reMix of Ellie Goulding’s new single Alex Metric drops yet another big floorfiller in the form of his take on Brooklyn ElectroPopper St. Lucia’s long awaited new single September. Also along for the ride is another reMix outfit of the moment, not sure when Punks Jump Up have time to sleep, but sometimes we are glad they don’t

More restrained than his Goulding reMix, Metric’s version of September is less dancefloor chaos, more easy-going party track. A squelchy, insanely infectious bass hook makes this track as a synthetic Disco heavyweight. whereas the Goulding mix was all about strobe light madness, here we get the groovier side of Metric. Even when it presents you with a big Rave build, it drops you right back in the robotic funk. Punks Jump Up inject a little bouncy fun into the track with their appropriately titled Funhouse mix. They have complimented their backing with a horn section providing a groovy little hook while big warp bass and Punks Jump Up’s trademark Acid building, burble away underneath select snatches of St. Lucia’s vocal.

♫ St. Lucia – September (Alex Metric reMix)

♫ St. Lucia – September (Punks Jump Up Funhouse Mix)

Septemberis released 25th September.

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Ellie Goulding reMixed by Alex Metric

Ellie Goulding

Alex Metric has whipped up a hell of a reMix with his new track. He’s worked over Ellie Goulding’s forthcoming new single Anything Could Happen and delivered a full on dancefloor assault.

So far, we are sad to say, we haven’t been that taken with any of the single from Ellie’s new album. Which is a pity, Lights was our album of the year back in 2010, Ellie’s voice and Starsmith’s (mostly) production was a killer combination but the new album seems a little more low key. Anyway, Metric sweeps that aside and goes massive with his version of Anything Could Happen, using the vocals primarily as a big breakdown in to seriously addictive Electro madness. Clashing, rapid first synth riffs and a slick Disco beat come together to make a groovy, but in-your-face, body moving monster.

♫ Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Alex Metric reMix)

Anything Could Happen is released 27th September.

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Big C reMixes Alex Metric & Charli XCX


Yes, we are still obsessed with Charli XCX’s new single, You’re The One. No, we don’t really need an excuse to post about her, but it doesn’t hurt that the man Big C has dropped a new reMix of XCX & Alex Metric‘s End Of The World. Careful now, it’s not what you’re expecting.

What we have here is probably the cream of Big C’s productions so far. What it is also is a big Dub tune. Coming from Bristol I have a massive soft spot for Dub, especially electronic Dub, it’s kinda’ in my blood, and Big C works it here to pretty stunning effect. Not only is the reMix innovative, it’s pretty slickly produced too. It’s a reMix that isn’t just going through the motions, it really understands the original and works with it in a completely organic way. In retrospect the original totally opens itself up to a Dub mix, but it’s taken Big C jumping on that to see it to it’s fullest potential.

Alex Metric (Feat. Charli XCX) – End Of The World (Big C reMix)

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