Van She’s new single

van she

So, it appears the Australian Indie-Electro legends Van She are getting into a Caribbean state of mind for the second single from their forthcoming new album. After the first single, and album’s title track, ‘Idea Of Happiness’, ‘Jamaica’ is less anthemic, more laid back. Quite fitting really.

It seems it’s not going to be alone on the album in it’s celebration of that part of the world and it’s music. ‘Jamaica’ is a nice combination of Tropical grooves and percussion with Van She’s own, instantly recognisable, sound.  The vibes in this track are like a cool breeze, the buzzing synths and little indie licks playing second fiddle to the Calypso percussion and lazy Disco beats.

♫ Van She – Jamaica

Van She’s new album will be out this 6th July on Modular Recordings.

Buy Van She’s music from:

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