Ditt Inre’s début EP

Ditt Inre

The worlds most interesting label, Cascine, always send us the best things, the most surprising too. They have a knack of putting some of the most talented acts in the world out of nowhere and making you go “Wow, where the fuck did this come from?”. The latest being Swedish outfit Ditt Inre whose music is beautiful and haunting with a splash of classic ElectroPop.

The Scandinavian duo are gearing up for the release of their début EP, ‘En Värld I Brand’, released later this month. It’s a six track collection of beautiful snowy landscapes make audio. Atmospheric and shot through with a strain of melancholy, but never tipping over into the downright depressing. These are optimistic songs, with an understated euphoria to be found witching the complex rhythms and lush synths (disclaimer: I don’t speak Sweedish, so they could be singing about Flying Monkeys™ for all my ignorant head knows, these suppositions are based on musical feeling alone). Whilst the whole EP is a stunning journey across tundral soundscapes that manages to be both icy and so warm at the same time the standout has to be ‘Månljus (Saknad)’, which coincidentally is the track Cascine has chosen to promo with. It’s a truly awe inspiring peice of ScaniPop. At once foreign and familiar, at once a lament and uplifting ‘Månljus (Saknad)’ has the ability to transport you to a more dreamlike, more romantic place.

Ditt Inre – Månljus (Saknad)

Ditt Inre’s ‘En Värld I Brand’ is released 29th May on Cascine.

Buy Ditt Inre’s music from:


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