Posttod are a Sweedish Electronica duo who push genre boundaries and wrap up myriad influenced in their beautiful, icy soundscapes.

The recently released their ‘Moon’ EP for free and should you take advantage of that amazing deal you’ll be treated to seven tracks of electronic, dreamlike soundtracks. Taking in components from everywhere from Dubstep to Chillwave to ElectroPop to Disco, Posttod create something decidedly Scandinavian sounding that just conjures images of forests and tundra. There’s something in this EP that reminds me of Røyksopp, maybe not directly in the sound, but in the approach to electronic music. The two acts are definitely experimental, and avant-garde, but highly melodic too. Here Posttod utilise broken beats, Dub basses, heavily reverb washed vocals and synth drones, but all the time accompany this with sweet melodies and passionate leads. ‘Moon’ is an accomplished peice of work that all fans of synthesizer music should check out.

Posttod – Away

Posttod – Wild

Posttod – Under The Stars

You can download Posttod’s ‘Moon’ for free here.

Check out more from Posttod on SoundCloud.