[Audio] Hemingway reMixes Man Without Country’s ‘Catfish’


Man Without Country

Torontonian Cosmic Disco master Hemingway is back with a brand new reMix. Welsh experimentalists Man Without Country are his latest target as he morphs their hazy slice of Indie-DreamPop, Catfish, into a space funk oddessy, loaded with that thick, thick synth bass we’ve come to love from this guy.

With a nice vintage brush, Hemingway paints an epic masterpiece of twisting leads, starlight keys and that in-your-face bass. Sounds swirly around your head as melodies intertwine and curl sound each other. the whole hazy, Sci-Fi Funk works perfectly with the original tunes vocals, making them sound like some distant message from the starts. Hemingway really is one of the best in the business right now.

♫ Man Without Country – Catfish (Hemingway Mix)

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[Audio] Man Without Country reMixes Miike Snow

Miike Snow

This is epic. Welsh Electronica duo Man Without Country are set to follow the release of their début album Foe with an official album of their remix work, featuring reworks they’ve done for the likes of M83, Moby, Chad Valley, Active Child and this absolute monster of a track for Miike Snow.

Man Without Country (which is a bit mean to Wales really) deliver a remix of Miike Snow’s Pretender that manages to be both moody and exhilarating. With a strong mid-90s vibe to it, the track is loaded with big beats and growling synths, like Depeche Mode meets The Crystal Method, alongside Miike Snow’s heartfelt vocal. the result is a classic Indie-Dance track, just the right amount of melodic, just the right amount of raucous, that bodes very well for the rest of the reMix album.

♫ Miike Snow – Pretender (Man Without Country reMix)

Man Without Country’s RMX album is released 4th March but available to listen to on Spotify from 25th February.

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Citizens! reMix Man Without Country

Man Without Country

London Indie-Electropoppers Citizens! are on a roll right now. A couple of amazing singles, some high profile compilation appearances, and now it seems innovative and damn funky reMixes, have propelled them into the tastemakers consciousnesses to the point where success is pretty much guaranteed. I’m happy for them, maybe now they can afford those decent haircuts they’ve been after for so long.

And those fashionable barnets would be well deserved, these guys have got a really raw, almost live, electronic sound that, when they lend it to a reMix, makes for a unique, and raucous take on ElectroPop. Being lent this garage synth vibe are Welsh Chillwavey electronic noodlers Man Without Country, whose track ‘Puppets’ becomes something akin to Moroder through a distortion pedal at the hands of this hipster quintet. Citizens! are doing an amazing job of bringing a rough, garage quality back into the world of SynthPop, as they do on this reMix, and as the will probably do when they launch their new single in London 18th April with Men Without Country in tow.

Man Without Country – Puppets (Citizens! reMix)

Citizens! and Men Without Country play the Ridgely Road Market Bar in London, 18th April.

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