TEEEL reMixes Ian McGlynn

Ian McGlynn

TEEEL is back with another new reMix, where the New Jersey based SynthWave producer get the time I’ll never know, each one is a gem too, Up next is this reMix, we are prémiering today, of fellow New Jersey resident, singer/songwriter Ian McGlynn’s new single ‘Gold Morning Mend’.

McGlynn’s passionate vocal delivery makes for the prefect companion to TEEEL’s dreamy synthetic soundscapes. The reverb washed, almost Chillwavey, vocals lend themselves well to a quirky ElectroPop style, and a quirky ElectroPop style is what TEEEL delivers. By now we’ve heard enough TEEEL to look forward to his emotional synthesizer work, live sounding electronics played with feeling, and with this reMix he wraps up McGlynn’s track in a cocoon of buzzing synths and cosmic melodies. TEEEL and McGlynn deliver a wonderfully heartfelt peice of electronic music here. Perfect for lazy summer nights.

Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL reMix)

‘Gold Morning Mend’ is taken from Ian McGlynn’s forthcoming album, ‘Now We’re Golden’, released 5th June.

Buy Ian McGlynn’s music from:


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