Teen Daze’s new single

Teen Daze

Here’s the third single from Canadian Chillwave guru Teen Daze’s forthcoming new album, ‘All Of Us’.

‘The Future’ is a hazy slice of synthesizer and percussion beauty. Haunting, distant vocals, awash with reverb, gently skim over the top of a chilled out Dreamwave score. Teen Daze’s album should be one of the albums of the summer. No necessarily the ‘going for it’ part of the summer, but the more blissful sunset moments. It’s those times that are going to be soundtracked by Teen Daze in 2012.

♫ Teen Daze – The Future

‘All Of Us’ is out 22nd May.

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Teen Daze’s tour EP

Teen Daze

Brooklyn DreamyChillyPoppyWave producer Teen Daze is about to embark on his European tour and for the occasion has produced a very limited edition tour EP, that will be sold only at the forthcoming gigs.

Here’s the first track from the EP, ‘Fantasy’, that sees Teen Daze take us on a Lo-Fi blissed-out sunrise journey. Chilled, even for Teen Daze, ‘Fantasy’ rides a wave of lush synths and intricate percussion that layer upon each other to create a wall of beautiful electronic noise. ‘Fantasy’ is a smooth, atmospheric masterpiece for those quite times in the sun.

♫ Teen Daze – Fantasy

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Teen Daze’s new track

teen daze

Vancouver Chillwave/SynthWave crossover producer Teen Daze will be releasing his début album ‘all Of Us, together’ in May. This new track, ‘Treten’, is just a taste of what’s to come.

‘Treten’ is typical of Teen Daze’s sound. Lush synthesizer atmospheres layered thick over retro synth bass and melodies. A tack that’s both dancefloor friendly and hypnotically ambient. When you focus in on the tracks core it’s a sweet, nostalgic peice of ElectroPop, playful with shifting arpeggios and a soaring lead line. Then the track is washed with heavy synth pads it give it a hazy, dreamlike quality. The album should be the perfect summer accompaniment.

Teen Daze – Treten

Teen Daze’s ‘All of Us, Together’ is released 22nd May on Lefse Records.

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Tycho reMixed by Teen Daze


Tycho’s single of last month ‘Hours’, has been given a dreamlike working over by Teen Daze.

Turning the track into an audio haze of intertwining synths and distant melodies, Teen Daze goes one step beyond Chillwave and layers the fantasy synths thick. Their reMix, though, is kept in line with a solid beat that give the track a nice early 90’s feel. Like a Chillwave Orbital.

Tycho – Hours (Teen Daze reMix)

‘Hours’ is out now.

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