Citizens! reMixed by Kitsuné’s Gildas


Fresh from premièring the video for the forthcoming re-release of London ElectroPop outfit Citizens!True Romance, we are treated to on of the reMixes of the track. This one comes from Kitsuné Music main man Gildas.

Despite the title, it was actually Cassian’s Torpical reMix of this track that featured on Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Mix #2 album. But whatever the title, this is one of the best mixes of the track we’ve heard so far. Gildas adds some really nice punchy bass and a thick dance beat. It works so well, and one of those track that builds and builds into a cosmic collision of Citizens!’ eclectic instrumentation and Gildas’ dancefloor nouse. Citizens! début album, Here We Are, drops later this year.

Citizens! – True Romance (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night reMix)

True Romanceis out now.

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Citizens!’ ‘True Romance’ video

London ElectroPopper’s Citizens!’ breakthrough track, True Romance, is getting a nice re-release, this time with a slick video.

We Are From LA direct this clip, which is a kinda’ ‘love amongst the chaos’ thing that fits well. It;s nice to put some visuals to the tack.

True Romance is out now.

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Citizens! reMix The Cast Of Cheers

The Cast Of Cheers

Irish Indie-Rockers, and part of the upcoming NME Generation Next tour, The Cast Of Cheers have one of the best band names in the world. They also seem to have good taste in reMixers, as they have got London Indie-ElectroPoppers Citizens! to make some beats and bash some keys for their track Human Elevator.

Citizens! take to track to a bass-heavy place, then liberally sprinkle biting melodies over their deep groove. This is a track with a nice combination of classic a SynthPop feel and dancefloor rocking sensibilities. Rough and ready gritty bass presents a rock steady back beat for piercing lead lines and sparsely, but perfectly, used snatches of the original’s vocals to dance around atop. It’s quite a sparse track, but everything in it is used to it’s fullest potential, it’s would also sounds awesome on a club system.

The Cast Of Cheers – Human Elevator (Citizens! reMix)

Human Elevator is taken from The Cast Of Cheers’ album Family, out now.

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Citizens! reMix Man Without Country

Man Without Country

London Indie-Electropoppers Citizens! are on a roll right now. A couple of amazing singles, some high profile compilation appearances, and now it seems innovative and damn funky reMixes, have propelled them into the tastemakers consciousnesses to the point where success is pretty much guaranteed. I’m happy for them, maybe now they can afford those decent haircuts they’ve been after for so long.

And those fashionable barnets would be well deserved, these guys have got a really raw, almost live, electronic sound that, when they lend it to a reMix, makes for a unique, and raucous take on ElectroPop. Being lent this garage synth vibe are Welsh Chillwavey electronic noodlers Man Without Country, whose track ‘Puppets’ becomes something akin to Moroder through a distortion pedal at the hands of this hipster quintet. Citizens! are doing an amazing job of bringing a rough, garage quality back into the world of SynthPop, as they do on this reMix, and as the will probably do when they launch their new single in London 18th April with Men Without Country in tow.

Man Without Country – Puppets (Citizens! reMix)

Citizens! and Men Without Country play the Ridgely Road Market Bar in London, 18th April.

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ATTAR! & Citizens!


What happens when you get more than one band with an exclamation point in their name together? Is that like dividing by zero? Well, hold on to something just in case 50% of mustang, ATTAR!, is reMixing London Indie-ElectroPop crew and Kitsuné’s new darlings, Citizens!. !!!.

There’s a nice meeting of two things that are a perfect fit going on here. First there is Renaud Deru deep, analog sounding, stripped down Disco, which draws it’s groove DNA from ‘80’s dance, then there is Citizens!’s singer Tom’s slick ‘80’s vocal style, part Gary Numan, part Peter Murphy. The meeting of the two seems like a match made in heaven. This is glorious retroPop at it’s finest.

♫ Citizens! – Reptile (ATTAR! reMix)

‘Reptile’ is released today on Kitsuné Music.

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Goldroom X Citizens!


Once more Josh Legg has knocked it out of the park with his latest Goldroom reMix. I would say the constant quality is getting tedious if it wasn’t for the fact that his reMixes rock.

this time around it’s Kitsuné’s Citizens! turn for a ride on the Goldroom train as their ‘Reptile’ gets and almost Italo workout. Check out those bright, shimmering synths, like something straight out of an optimistic ‘80’s Sci-Fi movie, a new feature to Goldroom’s arsenal, but one that slips in effortlessly with the laidback funk we’ve come to love. Mixing that with Citizens! track actually results in the most ‘80’s Goldroom track to date, an interesting, but not in the slightest unwelcome, development.

♫ Citizens! – Reptile (Goldroom reMix)

‘Reptile’ is released 19th March with reMixes from remixes by ATTAR!, Cosmic Kids & Tony Adams, Matthias Zimmermann and ColeCo.

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Gigamesh reMixes Citizens!


Kitsuné Music’s latest gang of smart-shirted Indie-kids-with-synths Citizens! have had their catchy new single ‘True Romance’ reMixed by the always excellent Gigamesh.

The first thing you notice about Gigamesh’s reMix is this classic electronic Pop Funk bassline which really provides a backbone for the track. Gigamesh’s knack for Nu-Disco and Dreamwave is slightly subverted by the retro Pop of Citizens! but the end result is a really cool, and pretty authentic, peice of ‘80’s sounding Pop.

Citizens! –  True Romance (Gigamesh reMix)

Citizens! début single is released 19th December, until the check them out on SoundCloud.

Citizens! début single

Kitsuné Music’s latest signing Citizens! are soon to drop their début single ‘True Romance’, but you can already check the track by peeping it’s video.

It’s pretty wacky, but I suppose that goes with the quirky ElectroPop of Citizens!, it’s pretty vivid and bombastic though.

While you’re waiting for the single to come out, get your ears ‘round this taste of what to expect from their forthcoming début album with ‘(I’m In Love With Your) Girlfriend’, who’s raw sound boarders on ElectroPunk.

Citizens! – (I’m In Love With Your) Girlfriend

Citizens! début single is released 19th December, until the check them out on SoundCloud.