[Audio] Rüfüs’ ‘Desert Night’



Desert Night is the second single from Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Rüfüs’ forthcoming new album, Atlas. A bit of a divergence from the big ElectroPop and Dreamwave tinged tunes we are used to from Rüfüs, Desert Night bring something a little richer.

With a Deep House backing, Desert Night delivers woody Chicago basslines and piercing synths to accompany a gentle croon. Combining the ElectroPop and the 90s House vibes makes for an interesting combination that definitely has us eager to hear what the album holds. When the single drops it will be backed by reMixes from Jesse Rose, Motez, James Curd, Avon Stringer and Victor Lassance.

♫ Rüfüs – Desert Night

Rüfüs’ Desert Night is released 21st June.

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[MP3] Rüfüs’ new single



Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Rüfüs are back with out first taste of what to expect from their forthcoming début album. The trios new record will be titled Atlas and is due out later this year. Our glimpse of the futures comes in the form of new single Take Me. The single comes with a packed reMix package featuring Cassain and AdaptOrDie.

Take Me sees Rüfüs ever further going down a Tropical Pop route. Upbeat Island percussion and chiming synths envelope this gentle, but catchy tune. The prefect tune for lazy summer nights. Fellow Aussie Cassain Houses things up a ton with a dark growling bass and atmospheric keys made all the more epic with an occasional haunting piano hook. The original’s breezy vocals take on a new smokey quality in this mix. AdaptOrDie a new project with a strong pedigree. When you consist of half of The Swiss and Empire Of The Sun’s backing band you know things are going to be a bit special. Their take on the track is a deep warehouse tune, a nice mix of Chicago sounds and European club music heritage. It’s a really nice package you could do worse that invest in.

♫ Rüfüs – Take Me

Rüfüs – Take Me (Cassian reMix)

Rüfüs – Take Me (AdaptOrDie Rmx)

Rüfüs’ Take Me is released 8th March.

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Rüfüs’ ‘This Summer’/’Selena’ reMixes


Australian Indie-Electro trio RüfüsThis Summer has been out for a while now in single form, being on e of the Anthems of this year. Enter London’s ElectroPop don Jerry Bouthier and his Continental Records imprint to bring the track, once again, to the forefront with a reMix package of This Summer and Selena.

With a track this epic, it would be hard to do any wrong, but this collection of reMixes exceeds expectations. Mr. Bouthier’s own JBAG head up the EP with an amazing DiscoPop reMix that is just everything you’d want from a fun summer tune. A bouncy bassline and thick retro chords makeup a huge, all encompassing sound that truly does the song justice and, more. Perfect drum fills and an insanely catchy hook are the icing on the cake. This track is going to get caned. Rüfüs themselves contribute a deep Techy take on This Summer, full of Techno intricacies and moody chords this is one for late night in Berlin, with the added bonus of a big Dreamwavey lead. Nu-Disco newcomer Lancelot has really impressed us this year, and to this package he contributes another quite deep mix, this time with more of a synthetic Disco feel as he takes Selena and works it into almost a Disco Dub. The single also contains work from, with a droning Techno mix, Parachute Youth with a chaotic Dreamwave mix and slick ‘90’s House take on Selena from Frames.

♫ Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)

Rüfüs – This Summer (Rüfüs reMix)

♫ Rüfüs – Selena (Lancelot reMix)

The reMix EP is released 16th July.

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Rüfüs’ ‘This Summer’ video

Aussie Indie-Electro rising starts Rüfüs’ ‘This Summer’ finally has gone and got itself a video, not sure what it’s been doing with it’s time before this that was so important though?

Alexander George directs this collection of youths-loosing-themselves-in-good-times-and-getting-a-bit-rowdy-in-slow-motion clip which, whilst being a tad unoriginal, actually looks really nice and works perfectly with the track.

Rüfüs’ EP that contains ‘This Summer’ is out now on Gigpiglet/Inertia .

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Rüfüs’ new EP


‘This Summer’ is the lead track from Australian Indie-ElectroPop outfit Rüfüs’ forthcoming new EP.

Following on from the success of ‘We Left’ and ‘Paris Collides’ and their awesome reMix collections, ‘This Summer’ is a deep, anthemic, call-to-dance from the three peice. The track is actually more akin to an epic vocal House track and reminds me a little of Dirty Vegas, with more impassioned vocals.  With big rolling bass, massive soundscape-like synths, and a huge, booming vocal, could this be the beginning of Stadium Indie-Electro?

♫ Rüfüs – This Summer

Rüfüs’ new EP is released 2nd April on Gigpiglet/Inertia .

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Rüfüs’ ‘We Left’ reMix single is out today! You’ve already heard some of the amazing reMixes featured so get your eyes round the new video.

The video is kind of a Graphic Designers wet dream.

‘We Left’ is out Today on On the Fruit Records

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beaumont reMixes Rüfüs


beaumont takes time out from his inventing a new genre of slowed down, laid back Nu-Disco to return to his Dreamwave/Nu-Disco roots with his new reMix of Rüfüs’ ‘We Left’.

Proving without a shadow of a doubt that he still has the skills to rock the Disco, this reMix is a full-on solid electronic epic with it’s feet on the dancefloor and it’s head in the clouds. It’s got all the right 80’s cues, and all the right Nu-Disco cues, in all the right places. beaumont’s sweeping phased synths work particularly well with the track’s vocals. The reMix features on On The Fruit’s release of ‘We Left’, as a single, alongside reMixes from Ride The Universe and SymbolOne .

♫ Rüfüs – We Left (beaumont reMix)

‘We Left’ is out 25th of July on On the Fruit Records

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Rüfüs Vs. SymbolOne


The On the Fruit Records release of Australian Indie-Electro band Rüfüs’s ‘We Left’ reMix EP s almost upon us!

We’ve already heard the Ride The Universe reMix and beaumont’s reMix of ‘Paris Collides’ so lets check out SymbolOne’s take on the title track. It’s an epic and bombastic four and a half minutes, loaded with majestic strings and House piano over an almost Italo bassline and some nice Tropical percussion. SymbolOne have done a stunning job on the arrangement, the finale and strings solo will push you over the edge.

♫ Rüfüs – We Left (SymbolOne Rmx)

Out 25th of July on On the Fruit Records

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RüFüS reMix Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is an Australian electronic singer/songwriter who makes beautiful, dreamy electronic music in a similar vein to Fever Ray and Björk.

Originally fellow Aussie trio RüFüS set out to reMix Elizabeth’s track ‘Stars Ago’ but ended up in full blown collaboration with the singer who re-recorded her vocals in duet with RüFüS for a more dancefloor oriented track. RüFüS are seriously showing themselves as a force to be reckoned with here, both the production and arrangement in this version are pretty flawless and the sound palette with it’s layers of synth lines that seem to weave in and out of one another, mirroring the duelling vocals, is an electronic music fan’s dream.

Elizabeth Rose – Stars Ago (RüFüS reMix)

Here’s the original tune. It’s a really nice, chilled piece but you can see just how different RüFüS’ version ended up being.

Elizabeth Rose – Stars Ago

RüFüS are gearing up for their forthcoming EP release on On The Fruit Records

Check Elizabeth Rose’s music on SoundCloud.

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Rüfüs get reMixed by Beaumont

The excitement about Rüfüs doesn’t seem to stop growing. Since their own EP release, and the news of the forthcoming reMix EP on On The Fruit Records, this Syndey trio are getting killer press and going from strength to strength.

But Wait…Beaumont’s in the house! Tackling the track from a deeper Electro groove than we’re used to from Beaumont turned out to be a great idea. Not only does his reMix give the track a driving dancefloor kick but lifts it to an almost cinematic place too, which seems to make the vocals more emotive. Euphoric Electro anyone?

Rüfüs – Paris Collides (Beaumont reMix)

Rüfüs’s rEMix EP is out soon, you can pick up their début EP now.

Rüfüs @ Amazon

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