[Audio] White Water’s ‘Daylight’


White Water

The Bot’Ox boys are at it again,  this time putting together some kind of crazy Nu-Disco supergroup as the present White Water. White Water sees Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz getting together with SidWho? A.K.A. Surahn Sidhu, former bassist for The Swiss for songwriting duties and roping in the likes of Dye’s Juan De Guillebon and Jeremy Hickey on bass and drums.

With all these musicians in place, Bot’Ox and SidWho? set out to write and record a track the old fashioned way. Recorded live to tape with their hand picked session musicians around them, Daylight was then ‘edited like an old extended Disco track’, which is a bit of a vague statement but we can only assume that means tape splicing was going on. The result is a raw, impressively vintage, sounding Disco tune with a rolling Funk and a catchy vocal. Loaded with synth pop and zaps amidst the live groove, Daylight is a successful experiment in Disco brap. reMixes to come from Jacques Renault and Domenico Torti.

♫ White Water – Daylight

White Water’s Daylight is released 3rd June

Check out more from White Water on SoundCloud.

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