[Audio] The Swiss reMix Breakbot



OK, so we quite like Breakbot, the early singles were mind-blowingly good at the time, but his début album was a little samey, if solid nonetheless. His latest single from the album is You Should Know, which came out last week and contains reMixes from the likes of Busy P & Boston Bun, Homework, Le Family and this cut from Australian groovers The Swiss which, frankly, blows the original out of the water.

This time the laid back live Disco is replaced with a storming bassline rolling underneath a huge Disco House tune that’s all about Rukazoid’s vocals and the piano. A killer piano hook and a brain melting synth solo are dangerous weapons in the right hands, and The Swiss certainly weld them with skill. The intertwining piano/synth solo is the track highlight in a track that is the highlight of the single itself. The Swiss really made this one their own.

♫ Breakbot (Feat. Ruckazoid) – You Should Know (The Swiss reMix)

Breakbot’s You Should Know is out now.

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