[Audio] Grum’s ‘Something About You’ & ‘First Contact’



Leeds based Scot Graeme Shepherd, better known as Grum, seems to have settled into his niche as one of the UK’s finest purveyors of uplifting progressive dance music. Having started his career with a bit of a Dreamwave slant to his is music; Grum has run the musical gauntlet of SynthWave, Euphoric Trance, Electro-House and finally ended up in a place where all those styles can merge together into one glorious big-room sound. As one of our favourite producers in the country we always rely on Grum to deliver those kind of big dance tunes they make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and have you reaching for the lasers.

Having released his début, Builder, the legendary Anjunabeats label back in May of this year, Grum is now following that up with his brand new double A-side release. The two tracks, Something About You and First Contact, were released last week and both are some of his most immediate work to date.

Something About You is an energetic flurry of razor sharp synths and arpeggios. With pitched down, and up, vocal snatches riding a wave of swirling leads and rapid-fire drum rolls powering the tracks energy, Grum delivers a perfectly timed like the breakdown that elevates of the track’s tension until it crashes back in with a cavalcade of mesmerizing melodies. Definitely one for the hands-in-the-air crowd.

A deeper side to Grum is displayed on the flip-side, First Contact. Utilising his Dreamwave roots, First Contact brings nostalgic hooks and shuffling beats, perfect for losing yourself on the dancefloor too. A crisp digital baseline gives the track a mechanized groove that nicely contrasts with the Balearic leads for some romantic sunrise funk. First Contact would probably be our favourite of the two tracks.

♫ Grum – Something About You

♫ Grum – First Contact

Grum’s First Contact is out now.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Builder’



Early next month one of our favourite producers of the finest euphoric tunes, Mr. Grum, makes his début on the legendary Anjunabeats. This incoming EP is called Trine, a three track juggernaut of which our pick of the pack is Builder. Annie Mac premièred the track earlier this month and it kinda’ slipped on out ‘things to write about’ list; but seeing as how we don’t really give a toss about being ‘first’ to write about stuff and whatnot, here it is in all it’s hands-in-the-air glory.

Grum pours all of his big-room talents into this one. A crisp and clean progressive track that owes much to the man’s love of 90s euphoric tunes but also brings a contemporary UK neo-Deep House sound. The track’s a nice mix of machine grooves with a human, soulful sheen. As the robotic bassline leads to ever onward toward the breakdown it’s easy to see Builder going down a storm in the early hours.

♫ Grum – Builder (Radio Rip)

Grum’s Trine EP is released 8th June.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes SecondCity & Ali Love’s ‘What Can I Do?’



As if House newcomer SecondCity and ElectroPop/House legend Ali Love’s What Can I Do? wasn’t awesome enough already; along comes a shiny new reMix package courtesy of Ministry Of Sound. Sat on the single is this massive reMix from Grum. Grum’s having an amazing year with a string of slammin’ reMixes alongside his own acclaimed second album; looks like he’s planning to end the year on a high.

You know what to expect from Grum reMix; emotional synths, big sound, driving dancefloor grooves. All present and correct on his mix for SecondCity. Ali Love’s vocals belt out over a slick combination of House Piano and Progressive synths, rising and evolving as the track pounds toward it’s finale. Euphoric and uplifting, Grum deliver another big room killer with this one.

♫ SecondCity (Feat. Ali Love) – What Can I Do? (Grum reMix)

SecondCity’s What Can I Do? is out now

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Jax Jones’ ‘Go Deep’


Jax Jones

UK rising star and the featuring artist or reMixer on many a recent dancefloor smash, Jax Jones, is soon to release his début single proper. Titled Go Deep the track is due out next month on Duke Dumont’s Blasé Boys Club imprint and will come equipped with this body shaking reMix from grum of all trades, Grum.

Pretty much nailing any genre he chooses to turn his attention to, Grum unsurprisingly delivers something a bit different for him, but kills it. Taking the tracks title literally, Grum goes deep on this one and serves up a mixture of Deep House grooves and his own progressive style. Spacey and engulfing, Grum combines rumbling sub basses with pinpoint sharp lead lines, clearing a path in-between for roomy pads and galactic sweeps. Peppering the track with the original’s Janet Jackson samples, Grum turns-in a totally involving dancefloor beast.

♫ Jax Jones – Go Deep (Grum reMix)

Jax Jones’ Go Deep is released 12th October.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Straight To Your Heart’



Straight To Your Heart is the forthcoming new single from Scottish Londoner Grum that got it’s première at the weekend on Annie Mac’s show. It’s been a long time coming, but Grum has now jumped head first into the waters of Euphoric Trance it seems, always on the cards, his latest is pure sunrise goodness. Can you hands get any higher?

Rolling on a big hypnotic piano hook, Straight To Your Heart wields it’s big room credentials like a proggy weapon.. Assaulting you with rumbling bass, huge vocal hooks and that unrelenting funky piano. Grum always knows to get right to the emotional core of dance music, and Straight To Your Heart is no different; featuring all the big rushes you’d want on the dancefloor. While you’re here, check out his new reMix for Prides too. A massive, swirling Trance tune, that would have feel right at home of the likes of Platypus records back int he day, with a tiny Dreamwave twist.

♫ Grum – Straight To Your Heart (Radio Rip)

♫ Prides – I Should Know You Better (Grum reMix) (Radio Rip)

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’



Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away was originally released back in September last year, closely followed by a bunch of reMixes. This reMix was not one of them, but have no fear, the single is getting another release that this time will, thankfully, include this monster reworking of the track by ER fave Grum. The new release is out this week and also features a reMix from the mighty Clancy.

Grum gets razor sharp with this reMix of Float Away. Punchy bass and piercing synths dominate the track, which seems a little bit like a nexus point between his Dreamwave past and his Progressive House present. There’s a definite retro flair to the tune, but in that really clean and euphoric way the Grum always did, and the beats and bass are so tight and crisply produced. All this production clarity doesn’t for one minute loose the groove though, as Grum pairs The Angel’s ethereal vocal with an infectious bass heavy vibe.

♫ Yousef & The Angel – Float Away (Grum reMix)

Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away is out now.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Dirty Vegas’ ‘Setting Sun’


Dirty Vegas

We’ve been a bit busy recently and might have overlooked writing about the new single from the amazing Dirty Vegas. Setting Sun sees the boys treading classic Dirty Vegas territory with a blissful Balearic groove and utterly euphoric, carefree vibes. Good stuff that gets even better when you inject healthy done of Mr. Grum into the mix.

Grum seems to capture everything we love about Dirty Vegas perfectly, whilst twisting it slightly to match his own music personality. What that means is you get the dreamy, sunset, House tinged ElectroPop that Dirty Vegas do so well; that hazy dance feel that carries you away with it, paired with Grum nostalgic powerhouse post-Dreamwave House. Delivering a massive dance tune that feels close and personal, Dirty Vegas and Grum seem like the perfect pairing.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Grum reMix)

Dirty Vegas’ Setting Sun is out now.

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[Audio] Grum’s ‘Human Touch’ album



It’s been three years since the release of Leeds based Scot Grum’s début album, Heartbeats, about five years since he first came to our attention with a slew of amazing Dreamwave and Nu-Disco tracks and reMixes. In those years Grum has been quietly doing something that very few of his contemporaries from around that time have seemed to be able to do. Evolve. It wasn’t long after the release of Heartbeats that Grum started releasing Euphoric Trance tracks, then Bleep House, then Progressive tunes all the while the lazy online press was still calling him ‘Disco’. Grum forthcoming sophomore album, Human Touch, should come as a revelation to them, a slap in the face realisation that they have missed these past three years, that Grum is so much more than a Disco producer, and that is why he’s risen to the top of the pack.

The album opener, and title track, Human Touch, sets this up perfectly. A moody and emotional House tune, loaded with enigmatic, low tones and haunting vocals. Not the first track floorfiller you might expect, but a track that grasps your interest and let you know there is something more intelligent going on here than simply crowd pleasing hooks. As if to compound the genre-spanning attitude of the collection, the following track, Sunrise, is an Acid-Balearic epic. A mesmerising hands-in-the-air tune that lives up to its name. There are tracks we’ve herd before on Human Touch. Previous singles the Simple Minds referencing The Theme and the nostalgic Warehouse vibe of Everytime are present and correct. Grum delves even more into the world of late 80s/early 90s House experimentalism on tracks like Autumn, with a pure early House riff you will swear you’ve heard somewhere before it’s so authentic, and the Haçienda-meets-SynthPop classic Dance sound of Tears. As the album progresses it become more and more melodic, with Three Thousand East being a play of retro leads against touch beats and Lotta’ Love feeling the influence of Melodic Trance energy before that album brings things down to ease the listener out on the deep, synthetic, Serotonin and the Chillwave R&B of the album’s closer Eyes Shut. For fans wanting a little classic Grum Dreamwave, Raindrop totally delivers vintage keys and a big vocal hook and Feel It Everywhere’s vocoded nostalgia could easily be an early Grum single. The Nu-Disco side of things, too, is covered by the likes of In Love, with it’s Acid flavour funk. Human Touch has got enough of that rousing classic Grum feel, enough interesting experiments with genre, and enough of a timeless Dance Music DNA to keep most fans of electronic music coming back for more. Definitely recommended.

♫ Grum – The Theme

♫ Grum – Everytime

Grum’s Human Touch is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Sigma’s ‘Nobody To Love’



If you want a way to start you week big, then look no further than the latest reMix from the man like Grum. Taking on Drum ‘N’ Bass superstars Sigma’s latest single, Nobody To Love, Grum engages the duo in a competition to see who can make the most massive sounds, and who can drive the energy levels though the roof. Game on!

With his new album’s release finally on the horizon, Grum gets the anticipation going with this onslaught of huge synths and irresistible beats. Seriously blurring the boundaries between big room House and Euphoric Trance, Grum just delivers tracks to give you chills. Swelling pads, rapid twisting leads, growling basslines, this one has it all. And with that soaring vocal on top it’s a guaranteed floorfiller. If anyone is going to bring back hands-in-the-air Trance, it’s Grum, but this time with a retro flair.

♫ Sigma – Nobody To Love (Grum reMix)

Sigma’s Nobody To Love is out now

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Chromeo & Toro Y Moi’s ‘Come Alive’



Ever feel like you’ve waited your whole life for Grum to reMix Chromeo? Well wait no more, the man had taken Chromeo’s new single, the Toro Y Moi featuring Come Alive and gone massive! We’re still getting down to Le Youth’s take on the track, but this one has just gone straight to the top of our favourite tracks of the year so far list.

A swirling symphony of uplifting synths, this reMix comes loaded with so much energy that it’s hard not to get carried away with it. Blistering apreggios and rich pads cascade out of the speakers, perfectly complimenting the original’s vocals. This is a peak time, big room, floorfiller that is destined to give thousands goosebumps.

♫ Chromeo (Feat. Toro Y Moi) – Come Alive (Grum reMix)

Chromeo’s Come Alive is out now.

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