Shelby Grey’s new single

shelby grey

Taken from his fantastic album of last year, ‘Chains Of Love’ is Shelby Grey’s new single, released next Monday (the day for awesome releases!!!) by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

‘Chains Of Love’ is the amazing Balearic Acid Space Disco musical journey that graced the ‘The Music Is On His Side’ album and one of the tracks that made that record uncategorizable. This is a track with a Mediterranean beach vibe that works perfectly in synth with Acid burbling. Both relaxing and exciting ‘Chains Of Love’ is one of those tracks that shows off what a talent Shelby Grey is. The reMix package come loaded with fine work, chief amongst them is Clancy’s standout take on the track, bringing his Disco fuelled Dreamwave flavour to the single. With an absolutely massive Italo bassline, Clancy completely commands the track, letting waves and waves of lush retro synth wash over it. Vicknoise take a different approach, with a hypnotic slow building track who’s machine like order belies an optimistic soul.

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love (Clancy Rework)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of  Love Vicknoise reMix)

‘Chains Of Love’ is released Monday and also features a reMix from Hal Incandenza, the new alter ego of Henry Saiz.

Buy Shelby Grey’s music from:


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