[MP3] Patrick Baker’s ‘This Love (Higher)’

Patrick Baker

Not one to sit and musically procrastinate, Retro Pop superstar Patrick Baker is slowly edging out of the 80s, into the early 90s with his latest work, This Love (Higher). The beshaded one injects a little Swingbeat into his sound, rolling up with a deeply groovy slice of Electronic Soul.

I was going to attempt to write this article without using the phrase ‘New Jack Swing’, but I can’t, so there. This Love (Higher)’s pretty damn New Jack Swing, well on the way there at least, like a smoothed out, slightly SynthWave version of New Jack Swing. I’m now going to say ‘swing’ another couple of times, just so you know. This Love (Higher)’s got the swing bassline that it couples with some really silky late 80s R&B drums and Baker’s husky vocals resulting in a tune that will just flow out of your speaker like water. I said I’d say ‘swing’ twice, right? That was the other time. Excellent tune.

Patrick Baker – This Love (Higher)

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[Audio] Patrick Baker’s new single

Patrick Baker

Amazing Retro Pop artist Patrick Baker is gearing up for the release of his début single. Released next month, Get 2 Know U is actually the first track of Patrick’s we featured on electronic rumors, back in June last year, and now it’s getting a proper release, backed with a pretty special reMix package, in anticipation of Baker’s album release later this year.  Televisor Jolie Cherie

You’ve probably heard Get 2 Know U by now, it’s a lush slice of 80s Americana. when we first wrote about it we commented that Patrick baker is to American 80s Pop what Kid Kasio is to British 80s Pop, and that’s true. Patrick authentically creates a nostalgic vision of the US charts in the great decade. Get 2 Know U is a catchy, upbeat slab of ElectroPop. Fun and funky, what more could you want? reMixes come from Robots With Rayguns with a deep, west coast, Pop mix, Televisor, who inject the track with a summery, beach-party, vibe and lends Get 2 Know U some Nu-Disco flair, and France’s Jolie Cherie, who turn in a relaxed, spacey, Disco tinged ElectroPop mix that has a nice warm sound to round of the single. We’re so pleased Patrick is starting to release stuff properly and predict big things from this guy.

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Televisor reMix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Jolie Cherie reMix)

Patrick Baker’s Get 2 Know U is released 18th February.

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[MP3] Hot Hot Hawk & Patrick Baker

Hot Hot Hawk & Patrick Baker

American retro ElectroPopper Patrick Baker has not only made an extremely impressive name for him self in a short time but is also fast becoming the king of collaborations. There’s not many singers floating around the SynthWave/Outrun scene, so when one comes along as talented as Baker I guess everyone wants a crack at vocal stuff. His most recent collaboration is this new single with one of Russia’s finest, Hot Hot Hawk.

Electric Touch, the fruit of this union, get’s it’s proper release around X-Mas on a compilation album titled Disco Deluxe Vol. 3. Until then they guys are giving away the track at the link below. Should you choose to download you’ll be treated to Patrick’s hushed, authentically 80s US Pop, vocals flowing effortlessly over HHH’s pumping digital bass and mystical retro synths. Definitely worth a look-in for anyone who loves classic 80s Pop, this tune has a touch of SynthWave, a touch of Electronic Soul, even a little Disco in there. With all those vintage synth sounds, epic lead lines and Baker’s slick vocal, how can you go wrong?

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Electric Touch

The Disco Deluxe Vol. 3 compilation, featuring Electric Touch, is released 23rd December.

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Patrick Baker gets Spooky

Patrick Baker

Just in time for Halloween American retro SynthPop superstar Patrick Baker has dropped a new slice of sinister Pop. Appropriately titled Spooky the track, in the vein of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, channels the best 80s Halloween Pop.

Spooky hit all the right notes for a fun, funky, seasonal hit. It’s got the nice FM minor chords, funky plucked guitar, and a big horn section. Patrick really shows of hit vocal range as he belts out the kind of fun horror narrative so common in the charts around the end of October in the 80s. Spooky is catchy as hell to and is so pitch perfect that if you play it at your Halloween bash your friends will swear it;s a track the recognise from the 80s.. We could have waited until next week to feature this tune, maybe we should have, but you can sit of awesomeness like this! Just wait until the organ breakdown and build, pure class.

Patrick Baker – Spooky

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Televisor featuring Patrick Baker


Check out the kind of awesome things that happen when two massive talents get together. We’ve previously shown love to both British/Dutch Nu-Disco collaboration Televisor and awesome retro ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker. What happens? Pure funky vintage Pop is what happens!

Run Away, the result of this meeting of minds, is a summery Pop gem, loaded with Televisior’s synth Funk and Baker’s Pop sensibilities it’s a track that you can’t help but smile to. Dominated by massive retro synths and Baker’s classic Pop croon it’s an easy-breezy song, but once the sax solo hits, it;s taken to the next level.

♫ Televisor (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Run Away

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Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker

Sometimes wading through submissions on SoundCloud can become a chore, especially when people don’t care to find out if your publication is appropriate for their style of music. It can get pretty tedious. However, sometimes someone sends you an absolute gem. Nashville based ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker has done just that.

Dropping his latest song ‘Get 2 Know U’ over to us made out day. The best way we can describe Patrick Baker is as the American Kid Kasio. whereas Kid Kasio makes completely authentic sounding British ‘80’s Pop, Patrick makes completely authentic sounding American ‘80’s Pop. Once you listen to it you’ll get what we mean. From that era when the US music scene merged European SynthPop instrumentation and arrangement with Pop R&B and Soul rhythms and those big catchy vocals, Patrick has perfectly captured the jump-up excitement of a summer Pop hit from the late ‘80’s, everything from the signwriting, to the arrangement, to the production is spot on, and not in a parody way, or a homage way, or even in an influenced way, but in a could actually be a re-discovered recording from 1987 way. And if you don’t know what we mean, wait for the sax solo. Amazing.

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U

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