[Download] Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’



Are we getting a little-burnt out on seeing tracks that are featuring Patrick Baker? Maybe a bit. Don’t get us wrong, we love Patrick, we’ve been following him since the beginning, we love his music and every success of his we feel is so well deserved. But Nu-Disco and House needs to find a new male vocalist, tunes are starting to blend into each other little bit. Also, Patrick doesn’t need any distractions from producing his own awesome music! That said, Patrick’s latest featruing turn, for Chicago House guru Rogue Vogue is simply gorgeous. We’re premièring it right here.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do funky, soulful, vocal Chicago House. Both Rogue Vogue’s production & arrangement and Patrick’s vocal performance are a masterclass in getting it right. Mixing up a little 90s Pop swing into a Garage-y warehouse groove you get those tough House beats with a catchy Pop-Dance hook. Patrick’s vocals dance aver the track with a playful cool as Rogue Vogue injects smooth electric piano and shuffling purcussion into the tune. Rogue Vogue is racing ahead of the pack these days with quality release after quality release, and this is one you just can’t help but move to.

Rogue Vogue (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Until The Dawn

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