[Download] Rogue Vogue & Patrick Baker’s ‘Until The Dawn’ reMixed by Bronx



Mexico’s Bronx has been making quite the name for himself this year with a string of top reMixes and releases on Nurvous he’s rapidly rising up the Disco and House league tables, and has definitely become a name to keep your eye on. His latest special delivery comes in the form of this reMix of Chicago House master Rogue Vogue’s Until The Dawn, featuring the vocal stylings of Mr. Patrick Baker.

The original is pretty epically Housed-out, and this reMix follows suite but removes the tune from it;s Chicago roots and makes things a little deeper, but still with a 90s flavour. Whereas the original is loaded with big beats, razor sharp production and a Pop House sheen, this reMix is a bit grittier and more suited to darkened warehouses. That is until the track is two thirds of the way though, then it wall goes bright and shiny with a crazy piano hook that keeps you reeled in right until the track’s end.

Rogue Vogue (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Until The Dawn (Bronx reMix)

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