[MP3] Neon Workout’s ‘Discotheque’


Neon Workout

Here’s the new one from Sweedish Electro producer Neon Workout. he’s been pretty prolific in the last few months with a string of reMixes and originals. His latest, Discotheque, is a free download and the prefect piece of robotic Disco. This is what Cybermen get down to.

Pounding drums, punchy synths and a rolling Italo bassline all slot in place, but the track has more to offer than that. Interesting little live sounding fills and a robo’d up sample give the tune a quirky edge, injecting a little fun into a hard hitting dance track. Littered with dancefloor pleasing drops, and 80s references, Discotheque is one for the peak of dancing.

Neon Workout – Discotheque

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Gin Joints reMixes with Neon Workout, Flashworx & Telebild

Gin Joints

Released this week is the new reMix collection from Gin Joints of his last single ‘For Tonight’. Having moved on fro being a Hip Hop producer when he discovered Electro Funk, the Sweedish Gin Joins has released a handful of really cool, smooth Disco records with a Pop vibe. ‘For Tonight’ was one of those records and got quite a lot of big name support, now comes the reMixes with some rad names attached.

Admittedly the reMixes are a bit hit and miss (Thomey Boors 2-Step mix for instance is simplistic to the point where you wonder if he was even trying), but when they hit, they hit hard. Neon Workout are just one of those hits with a pounding Italo influenced take on the track which blends perfectly with the vocal. Neon Workout’s retro keys keep the track swinging with a nice cosmic quality. Flashworx, who we haven’t heard from in a while, drop a surprising big House track for their reMix that kicks with a cool ‘90’s flavour. The other standout mix comes from Telebild, who’s stripped down Moroder-esque analog Disco is pure gold. It’s space-age vocoders and robo groove soon give way to a sweet, human lead line and a Disco melding of man and machine.

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Flashworx reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Telebild reMix)

Gin Joints’ ‘For Tonight: The reMixes’ is out now.

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AXXE’s ‘Sweet Stuff’


Jet setting DiscoPop act AXXE’s ‘Sweet Stuff’ has been knocking around for a while now, as has some of the reMixes, so On The Fruit Records (in their firsts of two big releases this week) have made the smart decision to package them all up in one place, alongside some corking new versions. Won’t you join me for a peek inside?

The original version of the tracks is pure Dance-Pop excellence, with just the right balance between retro sounds and modern dancefloors. Doug’s slick beats and ear for hooks and Stina husky, powerful vocals work together perfectly for some big, but edge, ElectroPop fun. It’s hard to even start on the reMixes with out getting Ride The Universe’s version out the way, we’ve mentioned it before, suffice to say the combination of musicianship, studio skill skill and DJ’s ear amongst the four Riders makes up the perfect production team. If you were in the HR department of a Dreamwave/Nu-Disco corporation then these four skill sets would be the one your would be trying to fill. Dreamtrak is a man with his finger in a lot of ElectroPop pies right now, and his reMix here displays why, with an almost New Order-esque slice of retro SynthPop sprinkled with a hint of Disco. Neon Workout head straight for the dancefloor with their take on the track with a bit of Italo, a bit of EBM and a bit of Disco all finding their way into this rapid-fire mix.

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Dreamtrak reMix)

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Neon Workout reMix)

But that’s not all! But the single and get more reMixes from the likes of Stay Ali, Leon Zane and Arturo!

‘Sweet Stuff’ is out right now!

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Gin Joints

Gin Joints is a Sweedish producer who until recently was content making his name as a Hip-Hop guru, then he discovered ‘80’s Funk.

So what we have on his latest record, ‘Know The Ledge’ is a wicked vocoder heavy slice of cosmic Electro Boogie. Mixing up a Moog Funk bassline with a slick Disco lick creates the prefect backing for the almost ElectroPop vocals with a call-and-response vocoder chorus. ‘Know The Ledge’ is a smooth late night jam with reMix duties performed by the awesome Neon Workout who come in heavy with a big Dreamwave/Nu-Disco sound. At the stompier end of retro synth this reMix is set to get dancefloors jumping. The rest of the single hold two more original tracks ‘Done Wrong’ and ‘On The Phone’, a pure ‘80’s ElectroPop/Funk song with a hint of electronic R&B and more vocoder action that could quite easily sit on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

♫ Gin Joints – Know The Ledge

♫ Gin Joints – Know The Ledge (Neon Workout reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – On The Phone

‘Know the Ledge’ is out now.

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Radio INK: ‘Rocket’, the reMixes

radio ink

Radio INK haven’t graced the pages of electronic rumors for a while now, but their new reMix package for the ‘Rocket’ single…oh my god!

I honestly don’t know where to begin, nine reMixes, all top quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best. Bit Funk kicks things off with one of his best to date, a deep bassed DiscoPop tune that works the best of Disco and Pop to their fullest. Moonchild rocks his synthesizer disco for an upbeat track that I believe samples Freeez’s ‘I.O.U.’, or contains a riff that sounds just like it. Neon Workout bring a more retro Dreamwave flavour to the package. The 80’s sounds in this Mix bring out a whole new side of the vocal track. Koobra (from Helsinki 78-82)’s sweeping SynthWave take on the track turns the tune into a retro ElectroPop epic with an instant classic lead line.

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Moonchild reMix)

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Neon Workout reMix)

Radio INK – Rocket (Koobra reMix)

The ‘Rocket’ reMix package is out this week, until then check out more from Radio INK on SoundCloud.

Neon Workout Vs. Clancy


Here is a mashup by Aduno So Tanie of Neon Workout’s ‘Running In the Night’ and, mostly, Clancy’s ‘Panther’.

I don’t know much about the guy who put this together but it’s pretty slick, still not really sure if it improves at all on the originals, it’s more like an interesting take on ‘Panther’ using bits of ‘Running Through The Night’. It does work though and it’s well put together and if you want something to jam out to this Friday afternoon then this could be it.

Neon Workout Vs. Clancy – Panther Running In The Night (Aduno So Tanie Mashup)

Check out more from Aduno So Tanie onSoundCloud.



Montreal ElectroPop duo AXXE apparently came together out of a dislike for each other and despite living in close quarters utilise technology to undertake their songwriting and production remotely!

Whether that’s just spin or not, the music stands on it’s own merits. Their recently released double A-side ‘Hard Candy’/’S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night’ drops two slices of expertly crafted DiscoPop that just ooze decadence. the tracks have been given the reMix treatment by two pretty well known Electro up-and-comers, Worship and Neon Workout. I’ve loved Worship’s previous reMixes and her the Swiss producer ramps up the AutoTune to create an edge Nu-Disco vibe. Neon Workout takes it straight to the dancefloor with electro tom and handclap craziness!

AXXE – Hard Candy (zShare) (MediaFire)

AXXE – Hard Candy (Worship reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

AXXE – S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night (zShare) (MediaFire)

AXXE – S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. Night (Neon Workout reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The single is available from Bandcamp, and go give AXXE some MySpace lovin’!

AXXE @ Bandcamp

AXXE @ MySpace