Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Travel Anthem’

Sohight & Cheevy

Hot on the heels of his recent On The Fruit Records release, Fonk, Russian Disco don Sohight is back together with his sometimes partner Cheevy for a swift follow-up. Also destined for On the Fruit next month, it’s Travel Anthem.

Travel Anthem brings Cheevy vocals back to the funk. And Sohight really does keep it funky this time. Big, squelchy Moog basses work telepathically in tandem with some vintage synth stabs to create the prefect storm of retro Boogie and Disco. Add to this Cheevy’s uplifting vocal and you’ve got something completely irresistible. Moullinex provides a reMix for the single too, can’t wait!

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Travel Anthem (Original mix)

Sohight & Cheevy’s Travel Anthem is released 5th November.

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