[Audio] Shook reMixes Great Good Fine OK’s ‘Too Much To Handle’


Great Good Fine OK

We’ve made no secret of the fact that Dutch musical master Shook is one of our favourite Disco producers around. The multi-instrumentalist adds a layer of musicality to his music that many of his contemporary producers can’t manage. Most recently he’s lent his talents to Brooklyn based Indie outfit Great Good Fine OK in reMixing their new single Too Much To Handle. This single is released ahead of their 2M2H EP to be released later this month.

Shook has a little fun with this reMix. For his take on Too Much To Handle he’s whipped up a bouncy, vintage affair. Quite stripped back and subtle, Shook decides not to got for the big, attention grabbing reMix tricks in favour of delivering a sweet, chilled, tune that borrows much from 80s Soul and captures some perfect Sunday afternoon listening vibes.

♫ Great Good Fine OK – Too Much To Handle (Shook reMix)

Great Good Fine OK’s 2M2H EP is released 16th March.

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[Audio] Shook’s ‘Violet Hues’



It’s pretty much exactly a year sing Dutch musical prodigy Shook release his self titled début album, whether coincidence or not, the man has chose this week to première his first brand new tune is what feels like ages. Violet Hues, is here to remind us of what an exceptional musician Shook really is, as he teams up with someone (who we have no idea who) with a beautiful voice to drop a hazy slice of sweetness.

Smokey vocals, waves of calm and shimmering synths, a funky but gentle bassline; Violet Hues is like a warm blanket of funk, a groovy dream. The bassline really underpins the track, chugging along with a restless groan, carrying the layers of heady sounds that life your spirits on every listen. Add to the mix the sweetest of vocals leading up to a magical synth and piano solo; and need we say more? Amazing stuff, and a welcome return for Shook.

♫ Shook – Violet Hues

Shook’s Violet Hues is out now.

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[Audio] Shook’s début album



If you’ve ever read any of our myriad articles about Dutch Disco producer Shook stretching back the past three years you’ll have noticed a constant running through our commentary on his career. We haven’t shut up about what an amazing musician he is. Shook isn’t hunched over a laptop hammering Ableton’s ‘key lock’ and hoping for the best, this guy is a extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and that has always shone though in his music. From his glorious key playing to the complex arrangements, Shook really is a ‘musician’s’ Disco producer, and this week he dropped his long, long, awaited début full length record delivering just under an hour of smooth Moog Funk and vintage robotic Disco sounds.

The self-titled album kicks holds a few tracks we’re already familiar with, kicking off with the excellent Tonight, a vocoder fuelled slice of Boogie that will instantly lift your mood with it’s emotional chorus, setting you up for the rest of the album. Keys Of Light, the first of our brand new treats, mixes rich, twisted, synth Funk bass with a solid Disco groove before giving way to Changing Wind, a hypnotic retro tune that mixes in a slight House vibe amongst the slap bassing and rousing strings to become your new default soundtrack for long journeys. Walking To The Sun brings back vocals into Shook’s world, resulting in a lazy and playful sunset tune that retains it’s funk in the fact of pulled back tempos and a blissful combination of flute and electric piano. Possibly a tribute to the synth of the same name, Wasp is all squelchy, borderline Acidic riffs the collide with a 70s groove that blends seamlessly into Cloud Symphony, the albums mid-point and a multi layered concert of synths that lets Shook’s hands dance across the keys as only he can. The B-Side to Shook’s Ronika featuring Distorted Love, Love For You is up next with it’s Yacht vibe and hazy vocals, followed by the smooth and romantic low tones of Her Eyes and it’s barroom piano refrain. It’s Alright, another bass slapping, Moog funking, head nodder signifies the albums home stretch, as the tempos increases, the grooves become more irresistible and we keep dancing. Garota ’92 sees Shook playing with a little Tropical sound, showing when he turns his hand to Beach Disco, Shook is up there with the best when it comes to laid back summery vibes. Summer Heat, Shook’s most recent tune is saves for almost last, as with most ‘best’ things, as it’s one of the highlights of an album full of highlights before the album play out with Shook doing what Shook does beast, deeply emotional, spacy, electronic Disco with musical ability at the fore. This is a pretty amazing record, and one that should keep you going for the rest of the summer. Reverential of the history of Disco while also knowing what is wanted on Summer dancefloors, this is the album Random Access Memories should have been,

♫ Shook – Tonight

♫ Summer Heat (Album Version)

♫ Shook – Love For You

♫ Shook – Garota ’92

Shook’s self-titled début album is out now.

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[MP3] Shook’s ‘Summer Heat’



Dutch Disco master (yes, master!) Shook is back with some big news and a free tune. The mans début album, which is a pretty long awaited release, is finished and to drop in August. To warm everyone up, Shook is giving away one of the album tracks, for one week only. The sumptuous Summer heat does just what it says on the tin, prepare for laid back sunshine vibes.

As I sit here writing about this tune, it’s a scorching 31°C in the UK and much of Summer Heat sounds like I feel (especially the bit about getting an ice cream!). It;s lazy funk bassline and wicked Disco licks merge together with thick Moogs  and a vintage beat to form a poolside, hot city nights, beach funk, summer good-times anthem for those who don’t care about moving too fast, as long as something’s going down. Strings, wailing synth solos and a smouldering vocal are all just the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the album.

Shook – Summer Heat (Album Version)

Shook’s début album, is released 6th August.

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[Audio] Shook’s ‘Tonight’



The Dutch music master Shook has dropped his final single release before his long awaited début album hits. The album is due later this spring, and this track, Tonight, give us a little insight as to what to expect. As usual it’s musically head and shoulder above most of his contemporaries.

The multi-instrumentalist in Shook shines thought in Tonight, it’s a sumptuous, Funk fuelled, juggernaut that works little guitar riffs, loaded slap bass and Shook’s beloved electric piano to ring every last drop of euphoric grove out of them. The muted riff gives the track a funky urgency that’s nicely counterpointed with the lazy piano and hazy vocoded vocals. Tonight will definitely stick in your head, maybe even until Shook’s album drops.

♫ Shook – Tonight

Shook’s Tonight is out now.

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[Audio] Shook reMixes Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach

This almost slipped past us. Late last week Crazy Heart Records unveiled the new reMix of New York DiscoPop duo Ghost Beach’s Been There Before, by none other than the Dutch musical Funk master Shook. The track is part of a series of remixes from the likes of Penguin Prison, Gigamesh, Chad Valley and Summer Heart that will be dropped weekly, culminating in a full reMix EP release at the end of March.

Shook, of course, works his vintage disco magic on the track. The reMix is loaded with the Dutchman’s typical Moog Funk basslines and 70s disco pops and pows. Presented in a laid back groove, with Shook’s jazzy electric piano at the forefront, the track is the prefect melding of Shook’s 70’s Disco and Ghost Beach’s tropical sounds. One for late night dancefloors and lazy poolside days.

♫ Ghost Beach – Been There Before (Shook reMix)

Ghost Beach’s reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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Shook’s ‘Summerheat’


Dutch musical genius Shook is at it again. Teaming up this time with American singer Pumashock, the Funkateer lays down his thick Moog Funk with sexy summer times in mind.

Just listening to this track is enough to get you sweaty, regardless of local climate. Pumashock’s sultry croon glides over Shook’s ‘70’s Funk. there is always something about shook’s musical talent that blows us away every track, this time it’s the piano as the Dutchman lets his fingers fly on the keys in a Jazzy solo that will leave your smiling. Add all that to Shook’s trademark thick synth bass and retro stabbing leads and you have one hot hot tune.

♫ Shook (Feat. Pumashock) – Summerheat

Summerheat is out now.

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Shook’s new tune


Here’s the new one from Dutch musical Disco master Shook. Hot on the heels of his recent, Ronika featuring, Distorted Love/Love For You double A-side single comes this new tune, Garota ’92. These days Shook has been purveying a more laid back sound and this track carried on in that direction.

Garota ’92 is loaded with Shook’s trademark funk bass and synth slides and with this new tune he fold a little Tropical vibe into his sound. Bringing the beach Disco with this one Shook transports us to warmer climes and good times. Working the vibe with big retro synths and a slight steel drum feel into the mix, this track is like the cocktails it conjures the mood of. Ain’t nothing wrong goin’ on round here.

♫ Shook – Garota ’92

Shook’s Distorted Love/Love For You is out now.

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Shook’s new single B-side


Really, if there is anyone in the world who is flying the flag for smooth grooves and slow jams, it’s Dutch keyboard wizard Shook. After over a month of us waiting for it, he’s finally released his new single, and here’s the B-Side, ‘Love For You’.

The A-Side is, of course, the amazing Ronika featuring ‘Distorted Love’ and ‘Love For You’ compliments that track perfectly. It’s a laid back example of Shook’s expertly arranged squelchy Moog Funk. ‘Love For You’ has an almost Yacht vibe to it, with a slick, chilled vocal track and more of Shook’s incredible playing (do I need to go on again about how Shook is probably the best actual musician working in Nu-Disco these days?). The track just conjures lazy summer days and beach vibes, there’s nothing about this track not to like. Definitely a secret weapon for the summer.

♫ Shook – Love For You

‘Distorted Love’/’Love For You’ is out now on Bandcamp, with other outlets coming soon.

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Shook reMixes Capital Cities


LA Indie-Dreamwave duo Capital Cities have become a bit of a mainstay here on electronic rumors in the last couple of years. We covered their latest single ‘Kangaroo Court’ back in March but now the EP is out it;s time to check out a reMix from one of the most musically talented Nu-Disco producers working today. Shook.

Shook channels all his ability into capturing the Funky side of Capital Cities home town. this is a huge slick of pure LA Funk and the Dutch producer works it like he was a native. this kind of pure groove is Shook at his best, it’s where his musicality is allows to shine though and it’s the reason people are lining up to work with him. The original’s upbeat Indie-Disco is reined in and told to ‘chill the fuck out’ resulting in some amazing, slick, west cost vibes. Thick Moogy basses and twisting Disco licks are the order of the day here.

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Shook reMix)

‘Kangaroo Court’ is released this week on Lazy Hooks.

Check out more from Capital Cities on SoundCloud.