[Audio] Aminova’s new tune


Representing Wales amongst the Dreamwave crowd is one of the UK’s most underrated producers, we think so anyway, Aminova. Last years Variants EP cemented Aminova’s reputation as one of the leading lights of the second wave of SynthWave producers, and with this new tune, he’s showing us he has no intention of letting up.

Coconut Hologram sounds like a bizarre title for a track, but when you think about it it’s perfectly apt. The track weaves in a few tropical influences into it’s Sci-Fi sounds, resulting in a 31st century Disco tune with an extra layer of atmosphere. There a bit of Nu-retro-House in there too, which leaves you with a track that could be slotted, quite nicely, into almost any set. A Disco beat, and Italo bassline, big SynthWave leads and Tropical and House hooks, what more could you want to start the party?

♫ Aminova – Coconut Hologram

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Aminova’s new EP


Welsh Playmaker SynthWave artist Aminova has just dropped a brand new EP. Really hot on the heels of his last single, Body Double, this new five track record come just weeks after his previous release release. Is Aminova become prolific? He certainly looks like he’s becoming a workaholic. Have no fear though, from the sound of the Variants EP it appears he can keep up the quality, and that’s what counts.

From the EP’s into, Edges, an undulating multi-layered synthesizer instrumental, you know you’re in for an electronic treat. Edges intertwining melodies soon give way to Cut Glass Accent, a smooth slice of Italo tinged digital Funk. The melodic bassline is really something in this tune which, alongside a handful of B-Boy Electro percussive flourishes give the track a real subway vibe that is the prefect backing for the meticulously crafted leads. Places pulls you back into a deeper flow with ringing, haunting synths set against a gentle Italo rhythm section. A beautiful peice with a slight edge to it, both a hint of melancholy and a sense of optimism. Next up Amoureuse immediately floors you with a Sci-Fi bassline and draws you in with it’s melding of Cut Glass Accents groove and Places ethereal qualities, the real culmination track on the EP it’s five minutes of synthesizer heaven. The EP plays out with Corners a dreamlike canvas on which thick layers of synth tones and textures are painted to ease you out of the listening experience. Aminova is getting better and better with each release, and fast becoming one of the name to look out for on the SynthWave scene.

♫ Aminova – Cut Glass Accent

♫ Aminova – Palaces

♫ Aminova – Amoureuse

Aminova’s Variants EP is out now.

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New single from Aminova


It’s been ages since we last wrote about Cardiff based SynthWave producer Aminova, so with the release of his new double A-side single, ‘Body Double’/’Party Cops’ we thought now was the prefect time to revisit one of the UK’s most underrated producers.

‘Body Double’ is a piercing, driving slice of classic SynthWave. Drawing from both the Outrun and Italo end of things, Aminova crafts a tune that is both full of urgent dancefloor energy and rousing, emotional melodies. The way the lead lines switch from staccato riffs to rushing arpeggios and back again give the all too short track a real feeling for forward progression. the flip side, ‘Party Cops’ is definitely more on the Italo tip. With more of an ‘80’s Electro Funk groove ‘Party Cops’ is a call to dance. The bassline and arpeggios are actually quite reminiscent of mid-‘80’s electronic Soul, but layered with buzzsaw retro synth chords and an Italo beat the whole thing come across as a slightly chaotic, exciting, and again all too short, party starter. This sweet double A-Side single is available for free, you really can’t go wrong at that price, so what are you waiting for, go get it!

Aminova – Body Double

Aminova – Party Cops

‘Body Double’/’Party Cops’ is out now.

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We received quite an enigmatic email from producer Aminova, so we honestly don’t know much about him. But that’s fine, this is a case when letting the music do that talking works on every level.

He’s recently released a new EP, ‘The Transfer’ which contains three tracks of synthesizer brilliance. While he does have a lot in common with his SynthWave contemporaries, Aminova, despite his tracks having solid beats, isn’t as dancefloor oriented at his peers, the tune on the EP are more focused on the musical aspects of SynthWave than merely making a crowd move. Layers of intertwining synthetic melodies weave around his songs like smoke, morphing into one another to create a densely layered electronic dream. there’s two things going on here really, there’s the ‘80’s electronic movie soundtrack thing, which Aminova does well, capturing emotion with every melody, and an experimental wall of noise thing, which compliment each other surprisingly well producing a sound that is both beautiful and slightly disorienting.

Aminova – The Transfer

Aminova – Turn Invisible

Aminova’s ‘The Transfer’ EP and his previous ‘Laser Beach’ EP are available for free on Bandcamp, his ‘Busy Lives/The Way Home’ single was released by Playmaker.

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