Just some of those Barry Manilow reMixes


Right then, by now I think you all know our opinion of reMix contests. They aren’t good for anyone. But we’re not going to go on about it again, but like we said we’re only going to do round-ups of reMix competition entries from now on, because, don;t get us wrong, reMix competitions do churn out some absolutely wicked tracks. This week’s tiresome competition comes in the surprising form of legendary smoothster Barry Manilow in a transparently lame attempt to seem relevant, or something. The upside of this is it’s given some very talented producers access to that unmistakable croon.

So here’s the first batch of reMixes of Manilow’s new single, Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright. These guys are way ahead of the pack right now. American Disco producer Blue Satellite comes out of hiding to drop an absolutely massive Nu-Disco mix of the track. Seriously, this one is huge. Loading the track with bright synths and a solid Disco groove was exactly the way to go with this track, and Blue Satellite nailed it. Waling a different path if Ireland’s Figure Of 8, who gets a little Techy, a little Electro and a little Experimental with his all-too-short, atmospheric, reMix. His pulsating synth sounds and robotic beats shine a light on a whole new dimension for the song. Greetings Program plays around with Disco and SynthWave for his reMix, injecting the track with a little Electro Boogie. This probably isn’t the last Manilow round-up we’ll do, we are hearing whispers of some huge entries incoming. But this will do for now.

♫ Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Blue Satellite reMix)

Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Greetings Program reMix)

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Monsieur Adi & Blue Satellite reMix Kylie


Official releases are a strange thing. So often I hear remixes from artists I love that were officially commissioned and then shelved in favour of generic PopHouseTrance from the likes of Freemasons or Stargate, despite being more interesting, more musically adept, and having more groove than the throwaway versions that end up on the single.

Such is the case here with reMixes of Kylie Minogue’s summer hit ‘Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)’ from a couple of amazing producers Monsieur Adi and Blue Satellite. I won’t bother talking about the competent, but ultimately generic dross that made the release, but they aren’t a patch on Adi’s impressive, multi-layered, edgy Electro track that throws a bit of everything into the mix, all kept in check by Adi’s mastery of his music. Or Blue Satellite’s track, which would have been a perfect summer Disco anthem, I can’t help feeling Kylie’s label missed a trick there (I’m not sure if BS’s was actually commissioned, but either way they still missed out).

Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Kylie Minogue – Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (Blue Satellite reMix)

Kylie’s ‘Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)’ single is out now.

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Kido Yoji

Kido Yoji

Kido Yoji, 21 years old and probably the most impressive thing to come out of Japan in a while.

Having had a few tracks and reMixes knocking around for the last couple of years, Kido is in a place now to release a full EP on an unsuspecting world. Walking a line where Nu-Disco, Synth Funk and ElectroPop meet Kido masters all three styles and makes it look effortless. The EP’s lead track ‘Call A Romance’ is a smooth meeting of Funk and Disco with a Poppy vocal that on first listen you’d swear came out of LA. Heavy on the electro toms (and you know we love electro toms!) and ‘80’s style synthesizer stabs ‘Call A Romance’ has a groove that’ll see it getting a lot of play. One of our favourite double acts, Walter Sobcek,prove a reMix that takes the track to the next level, probably the stand-out reMix on the EP, the Sobceks rework the track into a reverby, majestic, ElectroPop epic. Blue Satellite also raise the bar with their reMix of ‘More than Real’, a rich Disco track with enough Funk and Talkbox to give Chromeo a run for their money!

♫ Kido Yoji – Call A Romance

♫ Kido Yoji – Call A Romance (Walter Sobcek reMix)

Kido Yoji – More Than Real (Blue Satellite reMix)

The ‘Call A Romance’ EP is out today.

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Blue Satellite reMixes Monsieur Adi (& The Whip)

Monsieur Adi

The excellent Blue Satellite get’s his Justice on with this reMix of Monsieur Adi awesome, epic, Nu-Disco single ‘Fire Fire Fire’.

In one of the most exciting reMixes I’ve heard this month Blue Satellite takes many of the elements of Electro these days that have been annoying me, making the scene complacent and predictable, and injected them with a new energy and craftsmanship and, basically, just show up half of the Electro-House scene as lazy, talentless fools. This is how it should be done.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Blue Satellite reMix)

He’s also just reMixed The Whip’s new single ‘Keep Or Delete’ with a sound more like we would expect from Blue Satellite but still rocking a new found chainsaw synth edge to his production.

The Whip – Keep Or Delete (Blue Satellite reMix)

Monsieur Adi’s ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP is out now.

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Edwin Van Cleef’s new EP


Edwin Van Cleef doesn’t release nearly enough music, it seems like years since his last EP, although maybe he takes his time to make things perfect, ‘cos his new EP, ‘Never Be Alone At Night’ completely nails it.

Hitting up Tom Gavin from Chicago’s awesome Gemini Club for vocals is an inspired move the title track is amazingly slick vocal Nu-Disco track that’s backed up by two more original tracks, ‘Triton’ a Tropical-Sci-Fi-Acid-Disco jam and the retro night drive that is ‘I Feel You’. the reMix talent that contributes to the EP is nothing to be scoffed at either. Blue Satellite deliver a beautiful mid-tempo chilled take on the title tune with loads of synthesizer soul with Ugly Kids bring us the straight-up good time Disco version that injects the EP with some added Funk. Pharao Black Magic take on ‘Triton’ and create a head on collision between Moog Funk and the track Acid roots.

All in all this EP is highly recommended.

♫ Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night

Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night (Blue Satellite reMix)

Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night (Ugly Kids reMix)

Edwin Van Cleef – Triton (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

The ‘Never Be Alone At Night’ EP is out now.

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Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP

Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP, ‘Alaska 2100’ is out this week and is a pretty stunning electronic masterpiece.

Grechko hits the ground running with track one, ‘Singin’’, with Joywave, it’s the prefect meeting of Dreamwave and Indie-Electro, like a spaced-out-Disco Passion Pit. It’s catchy but still maintains a summery mellow groove. ‘All I Hear’ is up next with some help from She’s The Queen (I’m writing about She’s The Queen on a day other than Thursday, feels weird) that tasks Emily’s vocals out of the normal DancePop environment and slides them into some laid back, almost Chillwave, reverb washed Disco. As with ‘Singin’’, ‘All I hear’ is incredibly listenable, Grechko’s organ riffs intertwining with the big retro synths to create an intricate, yet effortlessly cool, jam. ‘Coloreye’ and the title track are both more tradition Disco fare, both mellow and upbeat, that show Grechko still has the skills to flat out rock the dancefloor and they lead into a selection of reMixes including these two by Electronic Rumors faves Show Your Shoe and Blue Satellite. Show Your Shoe takes on ‘All I Hear’ and proves why he’s the man to watch when it comes to smooth Electro-Funk cuts with some crazy Moog action while Blue Satellite turns ‘Singin’ into a massive upbeat DiscoPop track.

The ‘Alaska 2100’ EP shows a real maturing of Cosmonaut Grechko, musically. An evolution of his music that will surely place him at the forefront of Indie-Electro and Nu-Disco.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Radio Edit)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) -Singin’ (Blue Satellite reMix)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The ‘Alaska 2100 EP’ is out now:

Buy Cosmonaut Grechko’s music from:


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Gemini Club’s ‘Ghost’ reMixes

Gemini Club’s awesome ‘Ghost’ was defiantly one of our tunes of last year, in all it’s myriad reMix forms. This week sees the track’s proper release, at long last, as a massive reMix package.

Alongside the instant classic original version there’s reMixes you’ll already know, such a Hey Champ!’s, and some new versions from Only Children and Golden Bug. Also featured are these two mixes from Mr. Frankie Barretso and Indie-Electro Newcomers Blue Satellite. Barretso’s effort is a rapid fire Electro take on the tune that’s a pure dancefloor rush while Blue Satellite opt for a laidback, no worries, DiscoPop that’s the prefect smooth comedown.

Gemini Club – Ghost (Barretso reMix)

Gemini Club – Ghost (Blue Satellite reMix)

The ‘Ghost’ EP is out today!

Gemini Club @ Beatport

Gemini Club @ Juno

Gemini Club @ 7Digital

Gemini Club @ Amazon

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Blue Satellite

Blue Satellite is English producer Philip Schwan’s project pushing out some heavy French Electro beats.

Mixing up buzzsaw French Electro and 16-bit video game sounds Blue Satellite makes some dirty, yet funky sounds. But that’s not all that’s mixed up in ‘Paris’, the track also drops some lilting accordion, straight from the Paris city streets and a liberal helping of Disco riffs. All-in-all Paris is a pretty huge dancefloor track with enough energy to gut the guy noticed.

Blue Satellite – Paris (Extended Mix)

Check out his smooth Disco with a grinding riff reMix of Muscle Hawk too.

Muscle Hawk – Set Yourself On Fire (Blue Satellite reMix)

These tracks will feature on Blue Satellite’s forthcoming EP ‘Aurora’ and watch out for a reMix of Gemini Club in the near future.

Blue Satellite @ Beatport

Blue Satellite @ Juno

Blue Satellite @ 7Digital

Blue Satellite @ Amazon

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