Mitch Murder’s new album

Mitch Murder

If you are at all into Dreamwave, or SynthWave, or Outrun Electro, or, well, y’know what I mean, you’ll already be in love with the music of Mr. Mitch Murder.

One of the originators of the scene, Murder is back this month with his second full length album ‘Current Events’ and it’s a masterpiece. It may have come late in the year, but this eagerly anticipated record is easily vying to our album of the year. From the intro, ‘Looking Back’, this album is everything you could want as a fan of retro synthesizer music. The first track proper, ‘Frantic Aerobics’, sets the tone for the album, DancePop beats, Italo basslines, emotive chords and some seriously cosmic solos. All delivered with a sense of drama. The album plays like to soundtrack to the best straight-to-video ‘80’s Sci-Fi action flick that was never made. There are dark moods where are hero muses on his losses so far, inspirational pieces fit for a training montage, action set-pieces, chase senses and triumphant aftermaths, all played out of classic synth sounds with a slight Disco groove. The story of ‘Current Events’, though, is an document of ‘80’s popular consciousness, from technological progress to fear of nuclear war. I wish Mitch Murder would soundtrack my life!

Mitch Murder – Telefuture Theme

‘Current Events’ is out now and comes highly recommended!

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:


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