SaiR’s ‘Bright’


It feels like ages since we heard anything from one of our favourite producers, Portugal’s SaiR, so it’s a good job he made his latest tune, ‘Bright’ an absolutely massive slab of synthesizer Funk.

Clocking in a six minutes, ‘Bright’ is a bit on an odyssey. An audio journey though blissed our Disco moods. SaiR really bring his A-game here in teams of musicality, the arrangement is intricately crafted here with various bass and lead lines weaving in and out of one another as SaiR channels a hint of Herbie Hancock and Moog Funk together with his own Dreamwave tinged Nu-Disco sound. Pure good-time summer vibes here, so grab your boom-box and take this track to the beach, if the weather is fine, if it’s not then just whack it on some headphones, close your eyes and be transported to somewhere sweeter.

♫ SaiR – Bright

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