Neon Workout Vs. Clancy


Here is a mashup by Aduno So Tanie of Neon Workout’s ‘Running In the Night’ and, mostly, Clancy’s ‘Panther’.

I don’t know much about the guy who put this together but it’s pretty slick, still not really sure if it improves at all on the originals, it’s more like an interesting take on ‘Panther’ using bits of ‘Running Through The Night’. It does work though and it’s well put together and if you want something to jam out to this Friday afternoon then this could be it.

Neon Workout Vs. Clancy – Panther Running In The Night (Aduno So Tanie Mashup)

Check out more from Aduno So Tanie onSoundCloud.

One comment on “Neon Workout Vs. Clancy

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