Gin Joints reMixes with Neon Workout, Flashworx & Telebild

Gin Joints

Released this week is the new reMix collection from Gin Joints of his last single ‘For Tonight’. Having moved on fro being a Hip Hop producer when he discovered Electro Funk, the Sweedish Gin Joins has released a handful of really cool, smooth Disco records with a Pop vibe. ‘For Tonight’ was one of those records and got quite a lot of big name support, now comes the reMixes with some rad names attached.

Admittedly the reMixes are a bit hit and miss (Thomey Boors 2-Step mix for instance is simplistic to the point where you wonder if he was even trying), but when they hit, they hit hard. Neon Workout are just one of those hits with a pounding Italo influenced take on the track which blends perfectly with the vocal. Neon Workout’s retro keys keep the track swinging with a nice cosmic quality. Flashworx, who we haven’t heard from in a while, drop a surprising big House track for their reMix that kicks with a cool ‘90’s flavour. The other standout mix comes from Telebild, who’s stripped down Moroder-esque analog Disco is pure gold. It’s space-age vocoders and robo groove soon give way to a sweet, human lead line and a Disco melding of man and machine.

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Flashworx reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – For Tonight (Telebild reMix)

Gin Joints’ ‘For Tonight: The reMixes’ is out now.

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