Gin Joints

Gin Joints is a Sweedish producer who until recently was content making his name as a Hip-Hop guru, then he discovered ‘80’s Funk.

So what we have on his latest record, ‘Know The Ledge’ is a wicked vocoder heavy slice of cosmic Electro Boogie. Mixing up a Moog Funk bassline with a slick Disco lick creates the prefect backing for the almost ElectroPop vocals with a call-and-response vocoder chorus. ‘Know The Ledge’ is a smooth late night jam with reMix duties performed by the awesome Neon Workout who come in heavy with a big Dreamwave/Nu-Disco sound. At the stompier end of retro synth this reMix is set to get dancefloors jumping. The rest of the single hold two more original tracks ‘Done Wrong’ and ‘On The Phone’, a pure ‘80’s ElectroPop/Funk song with a hint of electronic R&B and more vocoder action that could quite easily sit on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

♫ Gin Joints – Know The Ledge

♫ Gin Joints – Know The Ledge (Neon Workout reMix)

♫ Gin Joints – On The Phone

‘Know the Ledge’ is out now.

Buy Gin Joints’ music from:

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