[MP3] Neon Workout’s ‘Discotheque’


Neon Workout

Here’s the new one from Sweedish Electro producer Neon Workout. he’s been pretty prolific in the last few months with a string of reMixes and originals. His latest, Discotheque, is a free download and the prefect piece of robotic Disco. This is what Cybermen get down to.

Pounding drums, punchy synths and a rolling Italo bassline all slot in place, but the track has more to offer than that. Interesting little live sounding fills and a robo’d up sample give the tune a quirky edge, injecting a little fun into a hard hitting dance track. Littered with dancefloor pleasing drops, and 80s references, Discotheque is one for the peak of dancing.

Neon Workout – Discotheque

Buy Neon Workout’s music from:

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