Little Boots reMixed by Moon Boots

little boots

A while back, we claim that we had made our last post about Little Boots’ current single Headphones, luckily we used the caveat ‘probably’ because there another awesome new reMix. This reMix comes from another kind of boots, a Moon Boots. The American Disco producers has combined his talent for Boogie with Little Boots infectious Pop to create a pair of Little Moon Boots that’ll rock your socks.

Moon Boots gets his Nu-Disco groove on with the funkiest of the Headphones reMixes so far. Sparsely sprinkled with Tropical percussion, Boots (the Moon variety) lays on the bouncy synth bass and sparkling lead lines thick, crating a relaxed dancefloor gem that flows perfectly with Boots (the Little variety)’s vocal. It’d be a toss-up between this and Dimitri From Paris’ mix for our favourite, I think they both take the top spot for different reasons.

Little Boots – Headphones (Moon Boots reMix)

Headphones is out now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

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