Moon Boots’ ‘Running From’

Moon Boots

Hot on the heels (we really have to find out where that saying comes from!) of his amazing and massively hyped reMix of Little Boots’ Headphones, American Disco don Moon Boots is back with a brand new tune to brighten up your day. Get ready, ‘cos this is a big summer one, just warning you.

You might have heard this tune if you have got your ears round the Kitsuné Soleil mix album, but here it is in all it’s glory. Featuring vocals stylings from Violetness, Running From is is big thick vocal Disco tune that gets you into a solid groove in the verses, you’re nodding along thinking ‘yeah, this is some good shit’. It doesn’t prepare you , though, for the huge summery chorus. When the choruses big vintage synths drop it’s like the whole track swoops in from some funky place and carries you off with it. Big Disco bass, lush nostalgic synths, and a vocal that works really well. This one’s got it all.

♫ Moon Boots (Feat. Violetness) – Running From

Running From is out now on Kitsuné Soleil.

Buy Moon Boots’ music from:

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