Moon Boots’ ‘Sugar’

Moon Boots

American producer Moon Boots is seriously cementing his reputation as one of the best Nu-Disco producers working today. Especially in the last few months, he;s been wowing us time and time again with his slick retro Disco track and reMixes . His latest track, Sugar, does noting but add to that rep and débuts itself as the perfect hot weather soundtrack.

Riffing off Janet Jackson’s If,  you could go so far as to say Sugar is an extreme reMix (as in it’s a completely new tune with Jackson’s vocals). Moon Boots really plays to his strengths here, that late ‘80’s funky, synth R&B flavour, that laid back LA beach party Disco vibes, and hint of Tropical just to make it even more feel good and a slick , engaging arrangement. The real ride here, though, lies in the retro Funk bassline and big ‘80’s synth stabs. Moon Boots has give us another, perfect, summer tune and hopefully this being released by French Express means an EP is on the way.

Moon Boots – Sugar

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