Little Boots reMixed by Moon Boots

little boots

A while back, we claim that we had made our last post about Little Boots’ current single Headphones, luckily we used the caveat ‘probably’ because there another awesome new reMix. This reMix comes from another kind of boots, a Moon Boots. The American Disco producers has combined his talent for Boogie with Little Boots infectious Pop to create a pair of Little Moon Boots that’ll rock your socks.

Moon Boots gets his Nu-Disco groove on with the funkiest of the Headphones reMixes so far. Sparsely sprinkled with Tropical percussion, Boots (the Moon variety) lays on the bouncy synth bass and sparkling lead lines thick, crating a relaxed dancefloor gem that flows perfectly with Boots (the Little variety)’s vocal. It’d be a toss-up between this and Dimitri From Paris’ mix for our favourite, I think they both take the top spot for different reasons.

Little Boots – Headphones (Moon Boots reMix)

Headphones is out now.

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Zimmer’s ‘Horizontal Disco’ reMixes


This weekend saw the release of synthetic Disco maestro Zimmer’s ‘Horizontal Disco’ reMix EP. The ‘Horizontal Disco’ EP was one of many Discotexas highlights of 2011 and has, suitably, been given of top quality reMix package.

The highlight of the EP, for us, comes from American cosmic Boogie expert Moon Boots. His version of ‘Bay Bridge’ combines Moon Boots usual spaced-out Tropical flavour with a robotic bass and some bright, shining synths for a more electronic sound that we’re used to from him, but from it’s galactic groove to it’s vintage riffs, it’s a killer track. Elsewhere on the EP we get Broke One dropping a deep deep deep ‘90’s House vibe with rounded bass and a nice swing. Gomma’s Moullinex bring his playful Mediterranean Disco sound to the table with his version of ‘Looking At You’ complete with squelchy little synth riffs and a nostalgia inducing electric piano hook. Xinobi brings us back to the ‘90’s House-fest with his hand-in-the-air track that could have easily seen play at The Haçienda in the circa 1991. Also on board is the Lou Teti reMix we featured last week. These days we don;t expect anything less than the best from Discotexas, but it’s comforting to know they haven’t disappointed yet.

♫ Zimmer – Bay Bridge (Moon Boots reMix)

♫ Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – Slave To Your Heart (Broke One reMix)

♫ Zimmer – Looking At You (Moullinex reMix)

♫ Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – – Slave To Your Heart (Xinobi reMix)

‘Horizontal Disco reMixes’ is out now.

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Moon Boots’ ‘Got Somebody’

Moon Boots

Premiered on The Magician’s ‘Magic Tape 21’, and now finally available, is Moon Boots’ new track ‘Got Somebody.

This 90’s R&B sampling monster has been dropped by the fine folk over at French Express is so much grater then the sum of it’s parts. A masterclass in Tropical Disco, laid back grooves and that interesting instrumentation (here xylophone) that usually comes with the best Tropical tracks. ‘Got Somebody’ effortlessly layers these elements with some lush retro synths for a track which is as much part atmosphere as it is music. Good times.

Moon Boots – Got Somebody

Check out more from Moon Boots on SoundCloud.

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Moon Boots’ new tune

moon boots

French Express’ Moon Boots, despite having bills to pay himself, has gone and thrown caution to the wind and dropped his latest big Nu-Disco tune for free!

‘Bills To Pay’ is pretty cosmic and pretty beach party, in terms of it’s Disco standing. So maybe like a beach party on Jupiter or something. With a big soul vocal sampled hook and a creeping funk bassline the track just inspires the boogie. If fact, even though it had the big diva refrain and some seriously strong House piano, it is that bassline, subtly but funky in a Quincy Jones way, that makes this tune so infectious.

Moon Boots – Bills To Pay

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Moon Boots’ new single


After the blog destroying ‘Gopher It’ American synth Disco producer Moon Boots is back with a brand new single for French Express.

‘Off My Mind’ is a deep grooved slice of electronic funky House. Of course we’re immediately won over by the cowbells, but beyond that is an insanely funky track that is layered thick with fat synth sounds like a Disco cake. The big bass and retro chords and added to with a smooth, and subtly used, vocal hook. This vocal hook is cut-up and inserted into the rhythm of Rogue Vogue’s old school piano House reMix of the track that is so Chicago that is brings back memories, despite being released today!

♫ Moon Boots – Off My Mind

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue reMix)

‘Off My Mind’ is released today!


Moon Boots


Out soon as part of French Express’ second compilation album Moon Boots ‘Gopher It’ was first aired earlier this week on The Magician’s ‘Magic Tape Thirteen’.

Slick, feel good, Disco with an addictive synth bassline ‘Gopher It’ wraps up a familiar vocal sample into a track so smooth you’d slid down the road listening to it. Wearing it’s 80’s influences on it’s sleeve, the track pays tribute to electronic Funk and Disco of that era more than a lot of Nu-Disco and débuts Moon Boots production skills in stunning style. This is a producer who we’re are expecting great things from.

Moon Boots – Gopher It

Check out Moon Boot’s on SoundCloud.