[MP3] Moon Boots’ ‘Love Strong’



Stop what you’re doing, there a new Moon Boots tune in tow. the American Nu-Disco sensation had dropped another poolside slice of hot hot Disco, this time with a slick House flavour. This guy has gone from strength to strength since we’ve been writing about him, and now every new tune he unleashed garners massive attention, and one listen to Love Strong will let you know it’s attention deserved.

Big House vibes are order of the day here, with a little side of Tropical purcussion. Epic diva vocal samples and an infections piano hook give Love Strong a pure early 90s flavour. This is one of those tunes that beautiful people dance in slow motion to somewhere, in fact, if there’s a video out money is on beautiful people dancing in slow motion. Don’t you want to be one of those people?

Moon Boots – Love Strong

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