[Download] Zimmer’s ‘Galapagos’



It seems like ages since Parisian Horizontal Disco innovator Zimmer released a new track. Aside from a series of excellent mixtapes, and a handful to top reMixes,, we haven’t heard a new tune since, we think, the actual Horizontal Disco EP. Mr. (Le) Crayon steps up to help out with drum duties on Galapagos, a suitably evocative title for this Tropical meets Chicago House jam.

Galapagos, delivers a nice line in pitched down vocals and chilled House groove that Zimmer has chosen to pair with Tropical purcussion and an Island lead line. The whole affair end up being bizarrely warehouse, with the Tropical lead somehow morphing into a classic Rave hook in Zimmer’s deft hands. We guess the track would work equally well by the pool or in the crowd, it’s adapted for either situation. For us though, we’re going to take the chilled route with this one.

Zimmer – Galapagos

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