[Audio] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’



So, we introduced you to Australian vocalist of the moment Chela’s new single Romanticise a couple of weeks ago, you can read all about Chela and the single in that article. Without wanting to repeated ourselves, and we’ve gushed about Chela a few times in the past year or so, let’s just have a listen to the original version of Romanticise before it;s due release next week.

Chela got one of those voices that is not only pretty powerful, but full of character too. And that’s our favourite quality in vocals, character. Chela’s vocals ride a slinky summer groove of nostalgic keys, Disco funk and plucked beach guitars. Romanticise is just a carefree, feel-good, accompaniment to these final warm days of they year, and one that will help us see the summer out in style.

♫ Chela – Romanticise

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

Buy Chela’s music from:

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