[Audio] Pat Lok reMixes Gold Fields’ ‘Hold Me’


Gold Fields

Pat Lok just doesn’t stop working, does he? He’s already dropped his latest tune this week and here comes his next reMix. This time the Canadian groover takes on Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields ‘ single of last year, Hold Me. This one is the perfect tide-over until the weekend. Turn it up!

Lok mixes up a little Deep House and a little classic early 90s House sheen on this one. Starting off smooth and silky, Lok soon brigs the big retro vibes and hammers home the dance energy with a big piano hook. There’s a woozy bassline underpinning an ecclectic take on House synths, Pat injects the track with his own personality here, while the original’s vocals swirl in a reverb-y haze around the track. Summertime grooves.

♫ Gold Fields – Hold Me (Pat Lok reMix)

Gold Fields’ Hold Me is out now.

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[Audio] Chela’s ‘Romanticise’



So, we introduced you to Australian vocalist of the moment Chela’s new single Romanticise a couple of weeks ago, you can read all about Chela and the single in that article. Without wanting to repeated ourselves, and we’ve gushed about Chela a few times in the past year or so, let’s just have a listen to the original version of Romanticise before it;s due release next week.

Chela got one of those voices that is not only pretty powerful, but full of character too. And that’s our favourite quality in vocals, character. Chela’s vocals ride a slinky summer groove of nostalgic keys, Disco funk and plucked beach guitars. Romanticise is just a carefree, feel-good, accompaniment to these final warm days of they year, and one that will help us see the summer out in style.

♫ Chela – Romanticise

Chela’s Romanticise is released 26th August.

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Gold Fields reMix Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds

Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields came to our attention with their reMixes of Passion Pit and Yelle, and their track Moves (with it’s Yuksek reMix), earlier this year. Now they’ve turned their attention to felloe Antipodean Indie band Hunting Grounds who are releasing this single, Flaws, ahead of their new album, In Hindsight.

The reMix is a blissful slice of piano led Indie-Disco in that way only the Aussies can really do. Lush buzzing synths roll around in this mix that is just Indie enough for a summery party vibe and just Disco enough to get you grooving. complete with the requisite Indie-Electro “Ooo, Ooo”s and all the ingredients for a warm weather anthem, Gold Fields deliver yet another instant classic reMix.

Hunting Grounds – Flaws (Gold Fields reMix)

Hunting Grounds’ In Hindsight is out now.

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Yelle reMixed by Gold Fields


Here’s an unexpected treat, French ElectroPop stars Yelle’s Chimie Physique given a thorough funky going over by Australian Indie-Electro posse Gold Fields. The result is far more Cosmic Disco that we would imagine from a meeting of these two outfits, but it was totally rocked out Friday.

Clocking in at a pretty epic seven minutes, Gold Fields reMix is a big sweeping electronic Disco odyssey. Catchy as hell, both vocally and via the multitude of warm boogie riffs going on in this track. Everything from analog Disco bass to big House piano to SynthPop lead lines, all rolled into a tune you can;t help moving to. At three and a half minutes most tracks have already peaked, but that when Golf Fields only just get going with a huge breakdown that kicks back in with full force. Enjoy.

Yelle – Chimie Physique (Gold Fields reMix)

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Yuksek reMixes Gold Fields

gold fields

Australian Indie-Electro outfit Gold Fields sure know how to pick their reMixers. First G.L.O.V.E.S., now French baroque Disco maestro Yuksek takes on their track ‘Moves’.

‘Moves’ is actually a relatively old track, dating back to September last year, with Yuksek dropping his reMix first on his awesome Triple J Radio Mixtape from November. Now it has surfaced in it’s entirety we can have a full listen to that beginning section that sees Yuksek channelling his best Jean Michel-Jarre thought multiple layers of thick, but shrill, synths and echoing pads, before dropping the full on French Disco flavour.

♫ Gold Fields – Moves (Yuksek reMix)

Gold Fields’ ‘Moves’ is out now.

[Via Big C’s Music]

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G.L.O.V.E.S. reMixes Gold Fields

Gold Fields

G.L.O.V.E.S. is one of those producers we just never hear enough from, I swear every one of his productions has completely nailed it.

The same goes for his latest work, a reMix of, fellow Australian’s, the Indie band Gold Fields. Just check out that bassline, pure big Moog Disco Funk, laying down a solid backing for some really unique parts. G.L.O.V.E.S. stands out from the pack with a whole load of interesting riffs and sounds that play off each other in the mix, all of which perfects matches the tone of the song and the reMix effortlessly follows the vocals making them sound like the were always supposed to be together.

♫ Gold Fields – Treehouse (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

‘Treehouse’ is out later this month.

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