Miroir: Build & Clancy’s new project

Holographic People’s first release was awesome, and I can tell you that their second release is awesome. So I shall henceforth be calling them ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’, which is true,  until further notice.

This week sees the release of the début EP from Miroir, a new project from two producers at the top of the Electro game, Clancy and Build. I’m really digging the ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’ EP, the thing that initially impressed me about it most is how varied it is. I tend to think of both Build and Clancy as, albeit amazing, producers of Nu-Disco, but this EP goes much further afield than that. If you are into any kind of synthesizer music (and if you’re not, what the hell are you doing here?) there is something for you to love amongst the five tracks here.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the EP doesn’t deliver dancefloor monsters. The opening track, ‘Kites’, is a piano led dance epic and the finale ‘Luminance’ is pure big room, peak time, euphoria, but alongside them you will find the more 80’s sounding title track and ‘Night Sky’, which draws in some Italo influences too. Both stand head and shoulders with the best in retro Electro, melodic and robotic in just the right places. And then there’s ‘Synth Vs. Sea’, a Tangerine Dream-esque atmospheric analog synth love song.

♫ Miroir – Kites

♫ Miroir – Night Sky

♫ Miroir – Synth Vs. Sea

It’s really a exciting thing when producers get to express themselves beyond the confines of what’s expected of them, you get the feeling that Clancy & Build enjoyed making this EP as much as we enjoyed listening to it!

Check out the rest of the EP on the ever-awesome Holographic People’s SoundCloud.

‘The ‘So Fewer Particles Scatter’ EP is out now on the ever-awesome Holographic People.

Buy Miroir’s music from:


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