Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’ returns, this week with Futurecop!


Fear Of Tigers– The Guestlist 18/05/2012 = Hold the phone, stop the press and make sure your horses aren’t going anywhere! It’s Back! Fear Of Tigers returns with the best big room dance, Dreamwave, ElectroPop and Nu-Disco show on the planet. This week there’s Futurecop! in the house and music from Kris Menace, Cosmonaut Grechko and more….;

Fear Of Tigers– The Guestlist 18/05/2012

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Futurecop! & Keenhouse; the video

Hot on the heels of the clip for ‘Starworshipper’ here’s the latest clip from Futurecop!, for the forthcoming, Keenhouse featuring ‘The Only Way’, which was ‘Dreams’ before that (being Futurecop! must get confusing).

Brandon Dermer directs this amazingly ‘80’s video, which is an awesome fun mini-movie.

‘The Only Way’ features on ‘The Adventures Of Starpony’ EP, out now.

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Futurecop! new compilation album and launch party

Basic RGB

On 5th June Kiez Beats and Futurecop! will be releasing ‘We Are The Future’, an 18 track compilation album featuring the best in contemporary SynthWave and Dreamwave around. Featuring the likes of datA, Lifelike, Phonat, Anoraak, Fear Of Tigers, Mille, StardonE, Worship and Follow Me alongside Futurecop! themselves. Check the MiniMix for a taste of what to expect and feast your eyes on that stellar tracklisting.

Futurecop! – We Are The Future MiniMix

The tracklist:

01. Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion
02. Car Clova – Farletched
03. StardonE – Lovedays
04. Mille – Afterski
05. Worship – Horizon
06. Lifelike (Feat. Namebrand And Yota) – Love Emulator
07. Follow Me – A Mission Noctural
08. datA – Electric Fever
09. Anoraak – Above Your Head
10. Fear Of Tigers – Hidup
11. Robots With Rayguns – Fever
12. Phonat – The Microwave FX
13. Power Glove – Night Force
14. Maethelvin – Delight
15. Futurecop! – Forever: Dreams (beaumont reMix)
16. Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Ride The Universe reMix)
17. Futurecop! – Far Away (Leisure Council reMix)
18. NeonFlashDrive – Previously On X-Men

Just before the album drops, on 26th May, the guys are putting together a launch party at The Nest in Dalston, London. It look like it;s going to be a one-of-a-kind night featuring Futurecop!, The C90s, Edwin Van Cleef, Fear Of Tigers and I’ll be there too spinning some tunes. Details here.

we are the future flyer - A4 with 3mm bleed @ 200dpi (1)

It’s going to be a pretty unmissable night! Stay tuned for more information, and tracklist, about the album.

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Futurecop!’s ‘Starworshipper’ video

At the end of last week we gave you a listen to Futurecop! new, and actually first, single. The Diana Gen and Starrset featuring ‘Starworshipper’.

Well, get your eyes around the video to. There’s a lot of Futurecop! clips on YouTube, but this is their first, official, especially filmed promo and director AJ Jackson does a really good job of capturing the essence of Futurecop!’s youthful, optimistic ethos.

‘Starworshipper’ is released 24th April on Keiz Beats.

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Futurecop!’s ‘Starworshipper’ single


I’ve got to say, for all my love for ’Futurecop!: The Movie’ I do prefer Futurecop! when they are doing what they do best, big retro ElectroPop, that’s why I love their Japan only album ‘It’s Forever, Kids’ and one of the best tracks on there was the Diana Gen featuring vocal version of ‘Starworhipper’, produced by none other than Diamond Cut.

Futurecop! must think so to as it;s getting a single release with an astounding reMix package. you probably know the original by now, infectious dancefloor ElectroPop with equal helpings of soul and nostalgia. A great single for the summer. The big excitement for me when seeing the reMix line up was the inclusion of the king of SynthWave Mitch Murder, and the man doesn’t disappoint. Mitch’s big, soundtrack influenced, ‘80’s sounds work perfectly with this track, and when the track kicks in with his trademark stratospheric soloing it’s pure gold. Lenno is another of out current favourites, when you want exciting, energy fuelled Nu-Disco, he’s your man and right here he delivers a tune suitable for the big room. Boombar man Jowie Schulner smoothes out the single with a slick laidback Dreamwave take on the song, giving the tune a sunrise vibe. Lastly it’s Out There who round off the EP with an Electro powerhouse of a track to end on a high. The single is a pretty essential purchase, how can a collection of talent like this go wrong?

♫Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper

Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Mitch Murder reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Lenno reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Jowie Shulner reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Out There reMix)

‘Starworshipper’ is released 24th April on Keiz Beats.

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Futurecop! reMix Foster The People


Futurecop! mare back in the mix with this, their version of Foster The People’s ‘Don’t Stop (Color The Walls)’.

The first thing you notice about the track is the rapid fire Italo, almost EBM, bassline. A first for Futurecop!, but gives the track a driving energy. This soon gives way to a big, dirty Electro chorus full of chainsaw synths. The Birmingham SynthWave duo have given the track a euphoric dancefloor working over that builds and builds with layers of growling electronic until the tension breaks and the good times roll.

Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) (Futurecop! reMix)

‘Don’t Stop (Color The Walls)’ is out now,

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Futurecop!’s ‘Dancing In Dreams’ mixtape


Futurecop! – Dancing In Dreams = It;s a brand new mix from Futurecop! and this one’s epic! Eighteen tracks crammed into an hour of soaring emotional electronic sounds. This one’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up.

Futurecop! – Dancing In Dreams

The Tracklist:

01. We Are The Future Intro.
02. Mille – Stellar Velocity
03. StardonE – Love Fighter
04. Phonat – Set Me Free
05. M83 – OK Pal
06. Futurecop! – Wolf
07. Kavinsky (Feat. Lovefoxxx) – Nightcall
08. Daze – Tokyo 1984
09. Renegade – Threshold
10. Fear Of Tigers – I Can Make The Pain Disappear
11. Whitney Houston – I Wanna’ Dance With Somebody (RWR reMix)
12. Futurecop! – Into The Future (Sammy Bananas reMix)
13. Follow Me – Beyond The Horizon
14. D/A/D – Sky High
15. beaumont – Skyline (Fiero reMix)
16. MPM Soundtracks – Party Up
17. Hole – Unsatisfied (Replacements Cover)
18. College (Feat. Electric Youth) – A Real Hero

‘Futurecop! The Movie’ is out now via Keiz Beats.

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Electronic Rumors Volume 1 – Out now on CD & Digital

05_ electronic_rumors_digital_cover

Well, it’s finally out in the wild, the last seven months of my life have come to fruition as we are amazingly proud to present ‘electronic rumors volume 1’.

I won’t go on about it, it’s possible that i would have a hard time reviewing it objectively, so take a listen to Ride The Universe’s awesome minimix of the compilation featuring all 15 tracks.

It’s almost weird that it’s real now and if you like physical media I would really recommend the CD, it comes in a stunning DigiPak designed by Sebastian Bentler.

♫ Electronic Rumors Volume 1 MiniMix (Mixed By Ride The Universe)

electronic rumors & Ninthwave Records
electronic rumors Volume One

Available 13th February 2012 on CD and Digital Download featuring the best in new ElectroPop, Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro.

For the past four years music blog electronic rumors (electronicrumors.com) has been serving up the latest and greatest news and tracks in the world of Electro/Disco/Indie/Dreamwave/Synth/Stuff/Thing/Pop and now they have teamed up with respected Us ElectroPop label Ninthwave Records (Heaven17/White Town/The Modern) to release electronic rumors Volume 1, featuring of some of the best artists making Dreamwave, Nu-Disco, ElectroPop and Indie-Electro in the last twelve months including exclusive tracks from Ride The Universe (Dreamwave supergroup acclaimed, for their reMixes, with their début original), the much hyped Show Your Shoe, Futurecop!, beaumont, Substatic and Echoes and the first time on CD for Queen Of Hearts and Ronika, both tipped by the mainstream press for chart dominance in 2012. They feature alongside some of the most exciting electronic music that broke out in 2011.

01. Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me
02. Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut reMix)
03. Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE Radio Mix)
04. Echoes – Second Best
05. Ronika – Wiyoo
06. Cosmonaut Grechko – All I Hear (Cosmo Black reMix)
07. Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)
08. Substatic – Gold
09. LexiconDon – December Sunset (Keenhouse reMix)
10. She’s The Queen – Waiting Game
11. Futurecop! – Me & U
12. Kid Kasio – Not For Turning
13. Show Your Shoe – Krokodil
14. Short Circuit – Let Go (NightWaves reMix)
15. beaumont – Reptile Blaze

Both the CD and Digital release happen Monday 13th February and will be available from most stockists.

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‘Futurecop! The Movie’ approaches release


As the release of Futurecop!’s new album ‘Futurecop! The Movie’ draws close, the guys have dropped another taste of what to expect.

The album is made up of mostly epic instrumentals, some new, some versions of Futurecop! tracks we all know and love. The new versions of existing tracks sound a bit beefed up and the album, across the board, sees Futurecop! expressing their Nu-Disco and Electro-House side. In contract to their recent ElectroPop singles and the amazingly Poppy, Japan only, album ‘It’s Forever, Kids’, this is classic Futurecop!, the meeting of dirty Electro and those ‘80’s soundtrack peices the hit you with a rush of emotion. Whether you look at this album as the soundtrack to the movie in Futurecop!’s head, or (finally!) a collection of Futurecop!’s works from the last few years, ‘Futurecop! The Movie’ just shows what a force of nature these two have been in retro synth music since 2008.

Futurecop! – Super Saiyan

‘Futurecop! The Movie’ is released 23rd January at futurecop.co.uk and everywhere else on the 24th via Keiz Beats.

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Futurecop! The Movie


Futurecop! said they had something pretty special in the pipeline, and they weren’t kidding.

This coming January the duo, one of the UK’s finest ElectroPop acts, teams up with the Keiz Beats label to release the soundtrack to the movie in their heads. Unfortunately the actual movie doesn’t exist, but the soundtrack will more that keep us happy. This will be Futurecop!’s first worldwide album release (2010’s amazing ‘It’s Forever, Kids’ was a Japan only release) and sees the guys bring a more epic take to some of their tunes. A mixture of uplifted versions of tracks you know & love and brand new tunes the album promises to be the Futurecop! record we’ve all been waiting for. check out the robo-Disco Funk of ‘Northern Lights’ and a new, soaring, version of ‘Transformers’ for a taste of what’s to come, and check out our Google+ post to see the trailer for ‘Futurecop! The Movie’.

Futurecop! – Northern Lights

Futurecop! – Transformers Vs. In Time

‘Futurecop! The Movie’ is released 23rd January on Keiz Beats.

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