Futurecop! new compilation album and launch party

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On 5th June Kiez Beats and Futurecop! will be releasing ‘We Are The Future’, an 18 track compilation album featuring the best in contemporary SynthWave and Dreamwave around. Featuring the likes of datA, Lifelike, Phonat, Anoraak, Fear Of Tigers, Mille, StardonE, Worship and Follow Me alongside Futurecop! themselves. Check the MiniMix for a taste of what to expect and feast your eyes on that stellar tracklisting.

Futurecop! – We Are The Future MiniMix

The tracklist:

01. Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion
02. Car Clova – Farletched
03. StardonE – Lovedays
04. Mille – Afterski
05. Worship – Horizon
06. Lifelike (Feat. Namebrand And Yota) – Love Emulator
07. Follow Me – A Mission Noctural
08. datA – Electric Fever
09. Anoraak – Above Your Head
10. Fear Of Tigers – Hidup
11. Robots With Rayguns – Fever
12. Phonat – The Microwave FX
13. Power Glove – Night Force
14. Maethelvin – Delight
15. Futurecop! – Forever: Dreams (beaumont reMix)
16. Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Ride The Universe reMix)
17. Futurecop! – Far Away (Leisure Council reMix)
18. NeonFlashDrive – Previously On X-Men

Just before the album drops, on 26th May, the guys are putting together a launch party at The Nest in Dalston, London. It look like it;s going to be a one-of-a-kind night featuring Futurecop!, The C90s, Edwin Van Cleef, Fear Of Tigers and I’ll be there too spinning some tunes. Details here.

we are the future flyer - A4 with 3mm bleed @ 200dpi (1)

It’s going to be a pretty unmissable night! Stay tuned for more information, and tracklist, about the album.

Buy Futurecop!’s music from:

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