[Audio] Jowie Schulner’s new track

Jowie Schulner

This is the new SynthWave epic from Boombar Music head honcho Jowie Schulner. Prepare for some soaring synth action and night driving beats. If you’re looking for some massive resonant Electro, you’ve come to the right place.

Bad Rain is all about the big leads. Bit crushed with an almost ChipTune feel (like old Mille tracks), Bad Rain lets those synth solos fly. Set to a backing of hard hitting Italo beats and a driving arpeggiated bassline, those lead lines take on a life of their own, reaching stratospheric heights are the build and build.

♫ Jowie Schulner – Bad Rain

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Jowie Schulner’s new tune


Boombar Music main man Jowie Schulner is celebrating the release of his new single, Two Hearts, with a bonus free track. This free gift to than fans for supporting the single is a classical powered progressive monster titled From Here To Eternity.

Not connected to the legendary Moroder song of the same name, this track is a Trance-like take on a classical piece, reminiscent of Ferry Corsten or William Orbits experimentations with bringing classical to the dancefloor. In fact, the tune is quite a unique mixture of Classical, Trance and SynthWave. It’s an uplifting, euphoric slice of vintage synth, peak time, dancefloor bliss. Enjoy, and check out Jowie’s new release.

Jowie Schulner – From Here To Eternity

Jowie Schulner’s Two Hearts is out now.

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Jowie Schulner’s new single

jowie schulner

Jowie Schulner, head honcho over at Boombar Music, this week released a brand new single, Two Hearts. Having dipped his toes in the waters of Euphoric Track in recent months, Two Hearts sees Jowie back in the SynthWave saddle, but bringing a little of the euphoria with him.

It;s all sparking melodies and soaring synth leads in Two Hearts. Carried along on a rapid fire arpeggiated bassline Jowie brings together the best of his two sides evocative, nostalgic synth sounds and uplifting sunrise dance music. Two Hearts is pure bliss in synthesizer form, with a melody that will get under your skin. reMix duties are covered by Germany’s top duo, Final DJs who bring some smooth Disco tinged SynthWave to the tune, upping the stakes with their feel-good dancefloor magic and shining lead lines. Two tracks guaranteed to rock any party.

♫ Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts

♫ Jowie Schulner – Two Hearts (Final DJs reMix)

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Futurecop!’s ‘Starworshipper’ single


I’ve got to say, for all my love for ’Futurecop!: The Movie’ I do prefer Futurecop! when they are doing what they do best, big retro ElectroPop, that’s why I love their Japan only album ‘It’s Forever, Kids’ and one of the best tracks on there was the Diana Gen featuring vocal version of ‘Starworhipper’, produced by none other than Diamond Cut.

Futurecop! must think so to as it;s getting a single release with an astounding reMix package. you probably know the original by now, infectious dancefloor ElectroPop with equal helpings of soul and nostalgia. A great single for the summer. The big excitement for me when seeing the reMix line up was the inclusion of the king of SynthWave Mitch Murder, and the man doesn’t disappoint. Mitch’s big, soundtrack influenced, ‘80’s sounds work perfectly with this track, and when the track kicks in with his trademark stratospheric soloing it’s pure gold. Lenno is another of out current favourites, when you want exciting, energy fuelled Nu-Disco, he’s your man and right here he delivers a tune suitable for the big room. Boombar man Jowie Schulner smoothes out the single with a slick laidback Dreamwave take on the song, giving the tune a sunrise vibe. Lastly it’s Out There who round off the EP with an Electro powerhouse of a track to end on a high. The single is a pretty essential purchase, how can a collection of talent like this go wrong?

♫Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper

Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Mitch Murder reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Lenno reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Jowie Shulner reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Diana Gen) – Starworshipper (Out There reMix)

‘Starworshipper’ is released 24th April on Keiz Beats.

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Jowie Schulner’s ‘Boombar Music Club 005’ mixtape


Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 005 = Boombar main man Jowie (a man in desperate need of new press photos)  is back in the mix for this month’s awesome hand-picked cuts. Including Lenno & Jesse Oliver’s Miami Horror reMix, which I featured on my latest Mixtape, great minds think alike!

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 005

The tracklist:

01. Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Oliver SchoriesreMix)
02. Oliver Nickels – Velvet Graveyard
03. Avon Stringer – Spunky Shades (Holmes John reMix)
04. Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Satin Jackets Instrumental reMix)
05. Stefan Z – Nova
06. Stephen J. Kroos – Phobos
07. Kris O’Neil and JPL – No Porn Intended (Original Mix)
08. Jaytech – Ozone
09. Miami Horror – Holidays (Lenno and Jesse Oliver reMix)
10. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Oliver reMix)
11. Kaspar Kochker – What’s Up (Jose Ribera and Manolo Ribera reMix)

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Jowie Schulner’s new tune


Jowie Schulner has started the week with a serious treat for all fans of synthesizer music. He’s dropped a new track, ‘Suspicious’, and it it would make Jean Michel-Jarre proud.

Mixing up an laidback Italo groove with some fantastic lead playing, Jowie has put together a track for long summer nights, sunrises over the city and intense introspection. Basically, go sit on the top of a building in an urban jungle, at sunrise, and brood about something you regret with just a hint of hopefulness…this track will be the prefect soundtrack to that. Or you could just go and dance to it, y’know, whatever. Jowie sure does know how to make a synth sing!

♫ Jowie Schulner – Suspicious

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Jowie Schulner’s ‘Boombar Music Club 004’ mixtape


Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 004 = This months fresh picks from Boombar Music’s head honcho. A nice mix of new and not-so-new big synth hits grace this hour of top tunes.

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 004

The tracklist:

01. Madonna – Get Together (Monsieur Adi reMix)
02. Komytea – Algebra
03. Chromeo – Hot Mess (Oliver reMix)
04. Answer42 – Clorofilla
05. Chris Reece – Headonism
06. Timur Shafiev – Be Aware
07. Michael Cassette – Crockett’s Theme
08. Komytea – Simplexity
09. Deadmau5 & Chris Lake – I Said (Michael Woods reMix)
10. Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
11. Tate Diamond featuring Nicolai – Electrified (Mat Zo Dub Mix)

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Alpha Boy & Jowie Schulner

Ooooo, an Alpha Boy and Jowie Schulner collaboration! That’s the kind of get together worth of an issue of Marvel Team-Up! Two of the most talented players in on the SynthWave scene getting together is like a meeting of retro-minds. You know how in the ‘70’s when two acclaimed Prog Rock guitarists met on the battlefield of the stage, you just know it’s going to be a technical solo extravaganza, well that’s what this is like, with synths.

And it’s totally epic, retro synth work with a musicality of the highest order. The solos are stratospheric and completely allowed to shine by a stripped down Italo backing. I like to thing Jowie and Alpha Boy took turns with the solos, kinda’ like a soaring synth lead battle. Can you imagine this performed live on keytars? That’d be awesome!

♫ Alpha Boy (Feat. Jowie Schulner)- Lost In Space

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Jowie Schulner’s ‘Boombar Music Club 003’ mixtape

Jowie Schulner

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 003 = Jowie Shulner, Boobmar Music’s head honcho, drops his latest ‘Music Club’ mixtape featuring some killer tracks. Kicking of with Michael Cassette’s ‘Kilimanjaro’ you know things are gonna’ get good. This mix is all about the deep, funky, bass and soaring synths, with just a hint of Tech House going on.

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 003

The tracklist:

01. Michael Cassette – Kilimanjaro
02. Envotion – The Last Wave
03. Fuzzy Cuzzin – Canis (Labtracks reMix)
04. Sharam Jey pres. Soundz Fresh – Let’s Get It On (Jean Claude Ades reMix)
05. Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (Olav Basoski reMix)
06. Lucas and Steve – Our House
07. Russ Chimes – Tonic
08. Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Albin Myers reMix)

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Jowie Schulner’s ‘Boombar Music Club 002’ mixtape

Jowie Schulner

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 002 = The Boombar Records head man does it again with an awesome mix laid-back funky retro sound.

Jowie Schulner – Boombar Music Club 002

The tracklist:

01.  Avatars – The Air (The Diogenes Club Remix)
02.  Peter & The Magician – Love In Rimini
03.  Volta Cab – Clarissa
04.  The Knife – Marble House (Rex The Dog Remix)
05.  Arty – Kate
06.  FlashWorx – Can’t Stop Loving You
07.  Xinobi – BMX (Moullinex Remix)
08. Matt Everson – No Reception

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