[Download] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Weekend In Harlem’


Fear Of Tigers

Remember when the weekend started with Fear Of TigersThe Guestlist podcast? Well we’re pleases to be able to say once more that your weekend starts right here with a huge new tune from Mr. Tigers. From out of the blue; Fear Of Tigers released, this week, a storming new EP, titled Zoipa, allaying any fears that we’d lost him for good. Grab your first taste with the massive Weekend In Harlem, which Mr. Tigers has kindly made available to download. So download, hit repeat, and kick of your long (in the UK at least; bank holiday Monday!) weekend.

Weekend In Harlem will serve up everything you’ve missed about Fear Of Tigers, and if you say this doesn’t put a smile of your face, you’re lying. This is big room Disco the way it should be. Choppy and tough sitting alongside groovy and soulful. A powerhouse of a track, layered thick with lush synths and snippy samples, big beats and big breakdowns. Our hands are already in the air! Your. Weekend. Has, Just. Begun.

Fear Of Tigers – Weekend In Harlem

Fear Of Tigers’ Zoipa EP is out now.

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[Download] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘I Am Dog’



This week Fear Of Tigers launches his new website with some lovely new music for us. Who knows what occurring with Mr. Tigers long awaited sophomore album? But the man isn’t leaving us in the lurch while we wait with this steady drip of massive tunes. The curiously titled (although, Mr. Tigers have always been one for esoterically names tracks) I Am Dog is his latest.

Right from the opening bard of I Am Dog, with is shimmering, retro synths and hammerfall drums, you know your in for a frantic, big room, ride; and post drum fill, when the track kicks in, all your expectations are met. Ringing leads, shifting beats and an amped up 80s bassline power the tune along at high-octane speeds. the soulful vocal snatches and dreamy sax serve to temper the nervous energy of the track, smoothing everything out into an intricate dancefloor monster.

Fear Of Tigers – I Am Dog

Fear Of Tigers’ Kaohsiung Christmas single is out now.

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Legend Of Ian Usher’


Fear Of Tigers

More tracks incoming from Mr. Fear Of Tigers. here’s his latest, The Legend Of Ian Usher, and as you can expect; it provides some massive big room sounds. Complex and melodic, we hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from one of the UK’s unsung musical heroes.

Remember when Electro-House tunes were big euphoric tunes layered thick with 80s nostalgia. Well, The Legend Of Ian Usher brings those huge sounds back. Corse Chip Tune sounds shudder and flow alongside lush retro synths and an utterly compelling Disco bassline. Chopped up smooth vocal samples give way to jazzy sax hooks. Wait until you heard the breakdown! Infectious stuff!

♫ Fear Of Tigers – The Legend Of Ian Usher

Fear Of Tigers’ Kaohsiung Christmas single is out now.

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers reMixes Lightwaves’ ‘Starting To Believe’



Earlier this week we gushed about the surprise new tune from the awesome Lightwaves, Starting To Believe. Well, it just gets better. Not only is the song a massive EelctroPop monster that is destined to put the newly band-ed Lightwaves on the map (finally!) but here comes a reMix from the one and only Fear Of Tigers. Can it get any better?

Fear Of Tigers goes large with this one. Recognising and enhancing the anthemic qualities of the original, Fear Of Tigers up the drama with massive chainsaw synth riffs and juggernaut drums. Set for peak time in the big room, this one compels you to move yourself, and even suggest a little hands-in-the-air might be appropriate. Powerful and pumping, this is about as huge as ElectroPop can get without bursting at the seams. With a hint of a retro groove in the sweeping chords, easing in an undercurrent of nostalgia, this is one reMix that won’t be ignored.

♫ Lightwaves – Starting To Believe (Fear Of Tigers reMix)

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[Video] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Kaohsiung Christmas’


Fear of Tigers

Kaohsiung Christmas is, amazingly, actually Fear Of Tigers’ début single! This exhilarating slice of big room sounds, and ElectroPop overtones, comes from a forthcoming three track release, the first of many leading up to his March 2014 sophomore album.

The video was directed by Chia Yi Lin and takes place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where Christmas is celebrated as a festival of love.

Fear Of Tigers’ Kaohsiung Christmas is released 16th December.

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Liquid Gold’


Fear Of Tigers

This one a short sharp shock if blissful dance music. Liquid Gold is the new one from Fear Of Tigers, a little taster of what to expect from his forthcoming sophomore album, Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout. Mr. Tigers has dropped a few new track lately, but we think this is the first one definitely confirmed to be appearing on the new record. It bodes well.

Liquid Gold is piano driven classic dance music. Drawing from many different eras of dancefloor smashes. Loaded with tropes from both the worlds of Pop and dance, including horn blasts, whooping Acid stabs, slick Disco guitar and big room synths that just build and build. Couple all this with nice line in impassioned vocals and you’ve got a track that has us very excited for the album to rear it’s head.

♫ Fear Of Tigers – Liquid Gold

Fear Of Tigers’ second album is due out soon.

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[MP3] Fear Of Tigers’ Twisted Biscuit’


Fear Of Tigers

Here’s the latest incoming dancefloor bomb from Mr. Fear Of Tigers and we can exclusively reveal it right here. Still in it’s demo infancy, Twisted Biscuit is already an absolute big room beast, loaded with floorfilling highs. Mr. Tigers is still working on Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout (the follow up to 2009’s incredible Cossus Snufsigalonica), an album that is so eagerly awaited round these parts it’s just not funny, although his precious time has also recently been filled producing the likes of this.

So out next taste of things-to-come comes in the form of Twisted Biscuit, a high octane, euphoric, tune so huge you need to back off the speakers to give it some room. It’s got that classic Fear Of Tigers emotional rush, and retro chord progressions, but with a massive contemporary sound. Loaded with horns too! This one’s got it all, can’t wait for the album.

Fear Of Tigers – Twisted Biscuit

Fear Of Tigers’ second album is due out soon.

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[MP3] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Dream Of Love’


Fear Of Tigers

There’s definitely something going on at Fear Of Tigers HQ. We know the man has been busy producing certain new Girl Bands, but there just far too many new FoT tracks making an appearance to be coincidental. With his second album (possibly still called Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout) almost complete we’re guessing the lead up to it’s release starts here.

Right here with Dream Of Love a new free track (limited to 1,000 downloads, so get in quick). And what a track, this is the kind of Fear Of Tigers that gets us really excited. Those big 80s beats, that dancefloor sensibility, these are the traits of a guy who knows his way around Pop as much as laser-soaked big rooms. Dream Of Love is an emotive, uplifting slice of synthesizer love that’s seeped in euphoria and nostalgia, and just in time for summer. Let these layers of lush synths, soaring solos and popping basslines see you through the sunshine.

Fear Of Tigers – Dream Of Love

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers reMixes A*M*E



There’s definitely something going on at camp Fear Of Tigers. First we get a new track last month, Golden Age, now an official reMix for hotly tipped songstress A*M*E’s new single Heartless. All this new activity gives us hopes for the long awaited release of Fear Of Tigers’ Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout, the follow up to 2009’s Cossus Snufsigalonica.

This reMix is pure classic Fear Of Tigers too. Epic, emotional, nostalgic ElectroPop full of those big chords and intricate electronic flourishes that we love FoT for. Taking A*M*E’s R&B flavoured tune and turning it into a huge 80s Power Pop synth epic is no mean feat, but Fear Of Tigers pulls it off with style. This tune is big.

♫ A*M*E – Heartless (Fear Of Tigers Futurepop Mix)

A*M*E’s Heartless is out 23rd June.

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[Audio] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘Golden Age’

Stop the press! Fear Of Tigers is back! It’s been far too long since we’ve had a whole new Fear Of Tigers track. Undoubtedly one of the best producers in the UK right now, the wait for Fear Of Tiger’s sophomore album as been next to agonising. Originally due out in June last year (the last we heard from FoT was May 2012) the album, Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout, always seems tantalisingly close, but so far away.

But today we can, at least, get a feel for the forthcoming record with this brand new track. Listed on SoundCloud as a ‘work in progress’, Golden Age, delivers the goods in that euphoric, emotional ,big room way only Fear Of Tigers can. Showing a more driving, dare we say it aggressive, side to Fear Of Tigers, Golden Age is pedal-to-the-metal Electro Disco juggernaut. The track mixes up a little Cut-Up Disco, a little Piano House, a little French Electro and always keeps the energy levels high. All this is, of course, wrapped up in Fear Of Tigers big emotional chord progressions, making this one to give you goosebumbs on the dancefloor. Grins all round!

♫ Fear Of Tigers – Golden Age (Demo.)

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