‘Futurecop! The Movie’ approaches release


As the release of Futurecop!’s new album ‘Futurecop! The Movie’ draws close, the guys have dropped another taste of what to expect.

The album is made up of mostly epic instrumentals, some new, some versions of Futurecop! tracks we all know and love. The new versions of existing tracks sound a bit beefed up and the album, across the board, sees Futurecop! expressing their Nu-Disco and Electro-House side. In contract to their recent ElectroPop singles and the amazingly Poppy, Japan only, album ‘It’s Forever, Kids’, this is classic Futurecop!, the meeting of dirty Electro and those ‘80’s soundtrack peices the hit you with a rush of emotion. Whether you look at this album as the soundtrack to the movie in Futurecop!’s head, or (finally!) a collection of Futurecop!’s works from the last few years, ‘Futurecop! The Movie’ just shows what a force of nature these two have been in retro synth music since 2008.

Futurecop! – Super Saiyan

‘Futurecop! The Movie’ is released 23rd January at futurecop.co.uk and everywhere else on the 24th via Keiz Beats.

Buy Futurecop!’s music from:

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