[MP3] Futurecop!’s new single


Later this month, the UK’s SynthWave champions Futurecop! release their brand new single. A precursor to their forthcoming album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, the single features vocal work from Ricco Vitali from Cavaliers Of Fun and a whole host of reMix talent, including the likes of Lifelike and Stellar Dreams.

Atlantic 1997 is pure Futurecop!. Long time live favourite, the track us an uplifting rush of nostalgic synthesizer power. Waves of rich synths compliment the steady Italo Disco groove and produce the a dreamy 80s soundtrack. the disco swing of the track, combined with Vitali’s anthemic, and catchy, vocal gives the track a holiday sheen. It’s all carefree good times. French Disco underdogs Uppermost turn in a huge  and involving reMix of the track, wrapping it in lush, reverby, French Touch with a grinding synth bass. Polish outfit P.A.F.F. also deliver the goods with their reMix. their Hipstercop version rings out like an Indie-Electro summer anthem, complete with infectious chiming melody and big chorus. It;s an excellent single package and one that bodes well for the album.

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Ricco Vitali  From Cavaliers Of Fun) – Atlantis 1997

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Ricco Vitali From Cavaliers Of Fun) – Atlantis 1997 (Uppermost reMix)

Futurecop! (Feat. Ricco Vitali From Cavaliers Of Fun) – Atlantis 1997 (P.A.F.F.’s Hipstercop reMix)

Futurecop!’s Atlantis 1997 is released 23rd March with reMixes from Lifelike, P.A.F.F, Kill Them With Colour and Uppermost.

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