[MP3] Pony Pony Run Run reMix Futurecop!



Wow, we haven’t heard from Pony Pony Run Run in quite some time, which is a shame, ;’cos they were (are) awesome. But they appear to be back in the saddle as this reMix of  Futurecop! and Kristine’s Superheroes has appeared. Hopefully this means a return to business for the Indie-Electro three piece.

Pony Pony Run Run’s reMix of Superheroes is a grinding slice of dancefloor ElectroPop. With a bouncy but growling bassline that is tempered by bright leads and Kristine’s emotional vocal, the track plays to both the dancefloor and the headphones. Bringing a House flavour to the track, Pony Pony Run Run show that they’ve lost none of their flair in their time away, combining French Electro with Futurecop!’s nostalgic SynthWave to deliver something entirely new.

Futurecop! (Feat Kristine) – Superheroes (Pony Pony Run Run reMix)

Futurecop!’s new single Atlantis 1997 is out now.

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New Pony Pony Run Run single!


Amazing French Indie-ElectroPopsters Pony Pony Run Run return next month with a long awaited new single ‘Waling On A Line’. It’s a, frankly, brilliant slice of Indie-Electro that deserves all kinds of attention this summer.

There are loads of reMixes lined up for the reMix package, the stand out really has to be Lifelike’s stellar return to form with his summertime part reMix, so smooth the synths seem to melt together, all 7m50s of it is brilliant. For darker take on the tune check out French Fries’ Dubstep workout with downpitched vocals while Blatta & Inesha deliver a straight up wonky banger.

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (Lifelike Extended reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (French Fries reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (Blatta & Inesha Back To The Future reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Waling On A Line’ is out soon.

Pony Pony Run Run @ Juno

Pony Pony Run Run @ Amazon

Pony Pony Run Run


Getting some major airplay in Europe is French ElectroPop trio Pony Pony Run Run’s latest single ‘Hey You’. The accompanying reMixes are a really great crop of tunes.

Pony Pony Run Run themselves have dropped a stunning dance reMix. Heavier than the original it’s a ice cold Nu-Disco/ElectroPop mashup.

StereoHeroes have fun with their reMix, warping sound and bringing an old school dance flavour before dropping the Disco riffs while sayCet go completely the opposite direction and deliver an ambient, chilled noise lullaby that sounds like the world winding down.

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (PPRR Dance reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (StereoHeroes reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (sayCet Official reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The album ‘You Need Pony Pony Run Run’ is released June 8th:

Pony Pony Run Run @ Amazon