[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Don’t Let Go’



Here’s the latest tune from London based DreamPop duo New Arcades. It’s part of the Scenes EP. which is due for release later this month via. Futurecop!’s new record label We Are the Future Records. The track’s called Don’t Let Go, and this rousing slice of ElectroPop features Chloe Pamplin on backup vocals.

Continuing from where their self titled début EP let off, Don’t Let Go is an epic cacophony of shimmering synths and driving beats and anthemic vocals. It’s got the New Arcades rawness to it that sets them apart from the pack, and live sounding Indie production for richly layered SynthPop, the combination which drew us to them in the first place. Big stuff, we can’t wait for the EP.

♫ New Arcades (Feat. Chloe Pamplin) – Don’t Let Go

New Arcades’ Scenes EP is released 28th February.

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[Download] Futurecop! & New Arcades’ ‘Atari Warrior’



UK Dreamwavers Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation was supposed to be released on August, but it wasn’t, it’s now set to drop this month. To celebrate, the guys are giving away this brand new track, Atari Warrior, that features none other than out very own New Arcades. Get involved.

Atari Warrior is short but sweet. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, the tune is a mixture of Futurecop!’s Electro, New Arcades’ passionate vocals and an extra helping of ChipTune. Starting off with a tough SynthWave vibe, the tune soon descends into controlled sonic chaos with big synth leads pumping, piercing arpeggios and a soaring vocal performance. Exhilarating stuff.

Futurecop (Feat. New Arcades) – Atari Warrior

Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation is released 13th December.

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[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Somewhere’



Right, stop what you’re doing. There’s a new tune from London’s finest. Dreamwave duo New Arcades have premièred the first taster of what we can expect from their forthcoming second EP. The follow up to this summer’s self titled début. Back with the big vocal tunes, the kind that are going down a storm at these guy’s acclaimed live shows, Somewhere brings us more urban epicness from the capital.

This time around the duo deliver a mid-paced tune, at a perfect three and a half minutes, of nostalgia and feeling. Somewhere brings together all the elements we’ve come to expect from a New Arcades tune, the bright lead lines, the growling bassline, the soaring, heartfelt vocals. These guys pull of impassioned ElectroPop better than most people in the country right now. With both a strength and a vulnerability in the vocals, and a comfortable warmth to the music, New Arcades deliver the perfect music for dreamers.

♫ New Arcades – Somewhere

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

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[Video] New Arcades’ ‘Stay Awake’


New Arcades   Stay Awake   YouTube

Right here is the brand new video for electronic rumors’ artists New Arcades’ track, Stay Awake. A moody, introspective epic that is taken from the duo’s début self-titled EP.

The whole night drive theme of the clip seems particularly fitting for the track, giving the song a whole new, but apt, meaning.

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

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[MP3] New Arcades’ ‘Reflections’


New Arcades Band Shot

London’s finest Dreamwave outfit New Arcades are here to brighten up your week with a new free track. Hot on the heels of the acclaimed self-titled début EP and a growing reputation for live brilliance in the capital, the guys are working hard on new material, but have dropped this instrumental to keep you going until the new tunes are ready for the picking.

Reflections is a majestic tune. Emotionally resonant in it’s use of synthesizers to create a rush of nostalgic warmth. Based around an Industrial beat and chugging Italo bassline, the track builds and builds, creating a multi-layered soundtrack where rousing hooks and shining melodies swirl around the listeners head. The lead riff, particularly, will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Get involved.

New Arcades – Reflections

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

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[News] Futurecop! and New Arcades live this weekend


Friday night sees the return of Dreamwave superstars Futurecop! to London as the play a full live set at Surya on Pentonville Road.

But that’s not all, in tow are electronic rumors’ crew members New Arcades, whose self titled début EP we released last month to critical acclaim.

It’s sure to be a night packed with the finest ElectroPop, SynthWave and Nu-Disco, so if you’re in the area get you asses down to Surya, and don’t forget your dancing shoes.


Full details can be found here.

[Video] New Arcades’ Take A Breath’


New Arcades  Take a Breath    Official Music Video on Vimeo

Here’s the cute video for electronic rumors’ artists New ArcadesTake A Breath. The track, a glorious slice of optimistic retro ElectroPop, comes from their début self-titled EP.

Rebecca Gravil produced and directed this sweet homage to 80s rom-coms, packing it with little nods to the genre.

New Arcades self-titled EP is out now.

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[Audio] New Arcades’ ‘Dreamers’

New Arcades

Dreamers is the latest addition to New Arcades soon to be released début EP. we’ve heard four tracks so far from this London based duo, the EP will apparently contain six tracks. That means there’s two more surprises coming, which we’ll be excited to hear. These guys are really carving out a name for themselves when it comes to big, emotional, SynthPop.

The new track, Dreamers, is an instrumental piece, but the absence of New Arcades passionate vocals doesn’t make it any less resonant. This duo really work their instruments to draw out every ounce of felling in their music. Pulsating Italo bass builds the tracks core leaving tons of headroom from sparkling melodies and promise filled drones to weave an uplifting, nostalgic, mood. Things are looking very good for this pairs forthoming release.

♫ New Arcades – Dreamers

New Arcades’ début EP is out soon.

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[MP3] New Arcades’ ‘Into The Skyline’


Here’s the new one from London ElectroPoppers New Arcades. You might recall we featured them for the first time early last month (or late last year, depending on how you want to view it), and here they are again, so soon. Their new track is more of their epic ElectroPop. Catchy, uplifting and anthemic.

Into The Skyline strikes us as having a hint of The Sound Of Arrows about it, but somehow less Sweedish, more English. There’s a London grit to these guys retro Pop. Amongst their shiny electronic Pop there a kind of urban cool. Their most accomplished tune to date, Into The Skyline is a real sing-a-long track, one you can tell would go down a treat live. Passionate vocals, a big synth hook, stomping beats and attention to melody. New Arcades have hit all the right notes with this one.

New Arcades – Into The Skyline

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[MP3] New Arcades

New Arcades

New Arcades are a London based SynthPop duo who are making some delicious retro Pop noise. Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan released a single a few months back and are now dropping a brand new track in anticipation of an EP in the coming months. Expect some sweeping, emotional, synth tunes.

Sitting just a tad too far into SynthPop to be SynthWave, New Arcades still retain some of SynthWave’s nostalgic optimism in their shimmering melodies, but layer that with a particularly British vocal and Pop structure. Remember The Nights, their new tune, counterpoints it’s anthemic sing-a-long vocal and bouncy lead line with some deep vintage electronics. The result being an all-round winner, catchy and upbeat with an underlying richness. That’s some impressive SynthPop right there. Their previous single, Echoes Of A City, strikes the same note with a little more of an Italo drive that would sit better with the Outrun crowd. these guys are definitely a name to keep an eye on in the SynthPop world.

New Arcades – Remember The Nights

♫ New Arcades – Echoes Of A City

New Arcades’ Echoes Of A City is out now.

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