[Video] Futurecop! & Mereki’s ‘Sun Is Mine’


Futurecop    Sun Is Mine feat. Mereki  Offical Video    YouTube

Here’s UK Dreamwavers Futurecop!’s new single, Sun Is Mine. A sunny slice of electronic nostalgia that features the sweet vocals of the one and only Mereki.

This clip of youthful exuberance was directed by Luke Thompson of Canopy Films, the first in a series of six videos.

Futurecop!’s Sun Is Mine is out now.

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[Video] Walter Sobcek & Mereki’s ‘Midnight Crush’


Walter Sobcek   Midnight Crush  Feat. Mereki    YouTube

International jetsetters Walter Sobcek have teamed up with LA sweetheart Mereki for Midnight Crush, a silky smooth Nu-Disco tune fit for poolside afternoons and mirrorballed nights.

The video, directed by Emmanuel Gobert & Walter Sobcek, is what you’d expect from a Sobcek video, slick and stylish and nicely put together.

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[Audio] Keljet & Mereki’s ‘Run This World’



Just out is the new one from Dutch Disco duo Keljet. These guys have been making quite a name for themselves in the past few months and here comes the icing on the cake. Feature  a little vocal spice from the awesome Mereki, the is Run This World.

As chilled as it gets, Run This World is pure sunshine goodness. The pairing of warm filtered synths and Mereki’s infectious vocals make for the perfect poolside jam. Absurdly optimistic, this is carefree vocal Nu-Disco at it’s finest, piled on heavy with shiny stabs, a buoyant bassline and a shuffling Disco beat that’s built for some top-down cursing. Welcome to your summer..

♫ Keljet (Feat. Mereki) – Run This World (Original Mix)

Keljet’s Run This World is out now.

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[Video] Mereki’s ‘Blue Lake’


Mereki   Blue Lake  Official Video    YouTube

Look! Mereki’s Blue Lake has got a video! You know we love the single’s breezy, LA Disco, Dreamwave, ElectroPop vibes. But do we love the video?

Yes we do! Directed by Ariane Stewart & Mereki Beach slices up a bunch of cute vintage home video with a ton of Mereki doing her thing.

Mereki’s début EP is due out soon.

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.

[Download] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy reMixed by La Felix



Why this isn’t on the single release of  DCup’s Don’t Be Shy we have no idea. This reMix of the feel-god Nu-Disco monster, featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, comes from the one-and-only La Félix, and is quite, very, possible out favourite version of the song.

There’s nothing about this track that isn’t just a warm wave of good-times. La Félix adds a certain poolside grove to the tune. With a lush piano hook, thick Disco stings and a popping slab bassline, he whips up a smooth and sexy vibe that Mereki’s sweet vocal just adds to. This is the prefect Friday track if you need any help getting in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy.

DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Dont Be Shy (La Felix reMix)

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is out now,

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[Audio] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’



Out this week is the new single from Australian Disco-House producer DCup. Featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, Don’t Be Shy comes with a packed collection of reMixes from the likes of Wave Racer, Tyler Touche, Boys Get Hurt, and Slumberjack, but it’s the original version that really pops with a summertime groove.

A light touch of plucked guitar glides over this thick bassed floorfiller. Loaded with filtered synths, singing strings and a laid back Disco beat, Don’t Be Shy provides the perfect, carefree, poolside party backing for Mereki’s sweet vocals. The combination of the pulsating synth bass and the playful vocal gives Don’t Be Shy that certain je ne sais quoi that the best late night, good times, Disco has to deliver, and this one delivers it in heaps.

♫ DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Don’t Be Shy

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is our now,

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[MP3] Mereki’s ‘Blue Lake’



We first featured LA songstress Mereki’s Blue Lake back in November last year, when it was still in it’s demo form. The voice of Miami Horror drummer Aaron Shanahan’s Good Night Keaton‘s Next To Mexico and Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me, not to mention the voice of Goldroom live and Josh’s long-serving touring partner, looks set to be generating quite a bit of interest with her solo offerings.

We’re not going to repeat ourselves too much about the track, you can read our initial thoughts here, suffice to say Blue Lake is a majestic slice of sing-a-long summery ElectroPop that brings to mind the excitement of those first Ellie Goulding tracks, before she got bland. This final version of the track sounds a lot tighter, the drums are a bit beefed up and the synths a little more powerful. Also, the addition of a wailing guitar solo came as a bit of a surprise, not sure how needed it was really, but there it is. Mereki is definitely one you should be watching.

Mereki – Blue Lake

Mereki’s début EP is due out soon.

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.

[Video] Goldroom’s ‘Only You Can Show Me’


Goldroom   Only You Can Show Me  ft Mereki    YouTube

Here’s an unexpected slice of awesomeness. Goldroom and Mereki’s Only You Can Show Me, which has been on heavy rotation round these parts since March, has only gone and got itself a video.

Directed by Jake Gibson, the clip has a really optimistic, feel good vibe with lots of grooving fro Mereki and a cast of smiling faces. Unfortunately there’s no Josh bopping around in it, but you can’t have everything.

Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me is out now.

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[Audio] Goldroom & Mereki


Goldroom’s new jam is here and once again he’s roped in the best of the best to deliver the smoothest of sounds. Following on the cream of vocalists to grace Goldroom tracks comes the awesome Mereki, who we’ve features a few times here, to lend her dreamy west coast vibes to Only You Can Show Me.

Goldroom, who recently played his first gig with a live band, brings exactly the kind of carefree beach party Disco  sounds that have made him one of the top producers in the world right now. There’s a nice fat Synth Funk bass in the background on this one, rounding out those stardust lead lines and big pads that seem to rise from the most nostalgic part of your mind. Goldroom album in time for summer, that’s what we want, that’s all we’ve ever wanted.

♫ Goldroom (Feat. Mereki) – Only You Can Show Me

Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me is out now.

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[Audio] Mereki – Blue Lake


So, we’ve been hearing a bit from Miami Horror drummer Aaron Shanahan’s solo offering, Good Night Keaton, particularly his début single, Next To Mexico. It’s a track that features the soulful yet quirky vocals of LA singer Mereki. Well, it turns out the girl’s not too shabby on her own!

There just the one track on her SoundCloud page, the demo version of a track called Blue Lake, and it’s pretty special. Rich, bombastic ElectroPop tempered with introspective vocals gives the track the best of both worlds. It’s like Dreamwave, Indie-Electro and Chillwave have been distilled into their pure pop essence and delivered in their logical evolutionary form. It’s a hazy, reverb washed wall of groaning synths and starburst melodies as Mereki’s breathy voice slips in and out of the track. But despite all the dreamy summer musical blur the track still manages to be insanely catchy. Definitely one to watch in 2013.

♫ Mereki – Blue Lake (Demo.)

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.