[Download] Futurecop! & New Arcades’ ‘Atari Warrior’



UK Dreamwavers Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation was supposed to be released on August, but it wasn’t, it’s now set to drop this month. To celebrate, the guys are giving away this brand new track, Atari Warrior, that features none other than out very own New Arcades. Get involved.

Atari Warrior is short but sweet. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, the tune is a mixture of Futurecop!’s Electro, New Arcades’ passionate vocals and an extra helping of ChipTune. Starting off with a tough SynthWave vibe, the tune soon descends into controlled sonic chaos with big synth leads pumping, piercing arpeggios and a soaring vocal performance. Exhilarating stuff.

Futurecop (Feat. New Arcades) – Atari Warrior

Futurecop!’s new album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation is released 13th December.

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