Black Magic Disco’s new EP

Black Magic Disco

London based producer Black Magic Disco is about to release his new single, ‘Downtown’ on Pole Position Recordings. Prepare for the Funk to be brought!

‘Downtown’ is a massive slice of Electro Boogie with a Moog-esque bassline that squelches and funks it’s way through the track like a Disco steamroller. And the awesome solid groove isn’t even the best bit, oh no, this tune is washed in subtle vocoding and some truly cosmic melodies and may be one of the best Cosmic Disco tracks I’ve heard this year. It doesn’t stop there though, one of our favourite producers ODahl steps up to work his magic on the track with some slick synthed Dreamwave ripe for the dancefloor and the normally more laid back Satin Jackets deliver a wicked 80’s synth Funked out Nu-Disco groover. The single also hold ‘First Avenue’ an inner city Disco B-side and a reMix from CRAM.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (Original Mix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (Satin Jackets reMix)

‘Downtown’ is released 26th March at Juno, 2nd April elsewhere..

Buy Black Magic Disco’s music from:


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