[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Miss Kittin’s ‘Maneki Neko’


miss kittin

We’ve got something a little special up now in the form of Manchester’s finest SynthPop producer The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of the forthcoming new single from Miss Kittin. The reMix of Maneki Neko is actually TSS’s entry in the currently running Maneki Neko reMix competition, but you wouldn’t think so just hearing it. Both production and arrangement are well about usual reMix competition standards as The Sanfernando Sound delivers a polished tune that could have come straight from the official release.

What we’ve got here is a contemporary take on classic SynthPop and Italo. Using vintage synth sounds and an enigmatic groove, The Sanfernando Sound builds a retro-futuristic, and quite haunting, slice of SynthPop around a modern dance music arrangement. So you’re presented with robotic beats and 80s synths, which obviously work perfectly with Miss Kittin’s vocals, fitting them selves around big breakdowns and builds. Which means this one would work on a variety of dancefloors. It’s an excellent tune, and one well worthy of your quick vote.


♫ Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

You can vote for The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of Miss Kittin’s Maneki Neko here.

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[Audio] Miss Kittin reMixed by Mock & Toof

Miss Kittin

House champion and the voice of ElectroClash Miss Kittin’s Bassline/Come Into My House single was released earlier this month with a reMix package due to drop in March. Amongst the reMix collection is this hypnotically Acidic version from UK duo Mock & Toof.

For almost all of the tracks seven minutes we were having ‘white gloves’ moments. The track is loaded with melodic, arpeggiated, synth percussion and 303 burbling which, when coupled with a deep bass grove, makes for a perfect warehouse flashback experience. Miss Kittens smokey vocal just adds an extra layer of entrancement. Prepare to get lost in music.

♫ Miss Kitten – Come Into My House (Mock & Toof reMix)

Miss Kitten’s Come Into My House reMixes are released in March.

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[Audio] Kris Menace & Miss Kittin reMixed by Final DJs


Here it is, Germany’s finest all together. Dreamwave heroes Final DJs mixing up a smooth storm with their official reMix of Kris Menace and Miss Kittin’s new single, Hide. Bringing a different flavour to the track than the other versions, Final DJs deliver some seriously Cosmic Disco for dreamers.

Final DJs carry all their sweetest tricks to the table on this one, working in miss Kittin’s distant vocal into a galactic, laid-back, Disco groove. Clocking in at an epic six minutes, the track gives Final DJs more than enough time to introduce their retro bests and truly soaring synth leads. it;s a mix loaded with synth love and a fitting finale to and amazing year for Final DJs, who have consistently released some of the best synth Disco and Dreamwave around in 2012.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Final DJs reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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[MP3] Miss Kittin’s new single

Miss Kittin

Fresh from her stint on Kris Menace’s new single, ElectroClash legend Miss Kittin has just released a brand new single, Life Is My Teacher, in anticipation of a new double album, Calling From The Stars, coming in April next year.

Life Is My Teacher is wonderfully hypnotic mixture of Deep House, Techno, Acid and 80’s SynthPop. Imagine the beats from a dimly lit Berlin Electro club mixed with Gary Numan lead synths and an Acidic Burbling and you;re starting to get close. Add to this Miss Kittin’s sultry vocal and you’ve got yourself an involving slice of electronica that draws you in and swirls round your head until it’s done.

Miss Kittin – Life Is My Teacher

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[MP3] Maethelvin reMixes Kris Menace & Miss Kittin


So, we dropped Kris Menace’s new single, Hide, featuring the voice of ElectroClash, Miss Kittin, a couple of weeks ago. The single is out now and the surprise track of the reMix package is the return of Valerie mainstay Maethelvin. It’s been a long long time since we heard from this guy. He dumped a few new/old track on his soundcloud early in 2012 but hasn’t released anything since 2009.

The remix kinda’ makes us miss the pure Valerie sound. SynthWave/Outrun has moved on a little since those days, become more bombastic, and Dreamwave morphed into a more Indie inclined synth nostalgiafest. Here, though, Maethelvin delivers three and a half minutes of pure French, 80s influenced, teen movie soundtracking, Italo-Disco rocking, synth brilliance. Laidback and groovy, this reMix lets Miss Kittin’s vocal become a bit more musical as it glides over Maethelvin’s washes of electronics.

Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Maethelvin reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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Kris Menace & Miss Kittin’s ‘Hide’ video

This week German Electro Disco don  Kris Menace released an album of collaborations, Features, that included a track with ElectroClash icon Miss Kittin. Hide is a hypnotic slice of AcidPop brilliance that has just been released in video form.

Check out the clip, directed by Mathieu Bétard for some really stunning animated visuals.

Kris Menace’s Featuresis out now.

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