[Download] Moustache Machine’s ‘Live Fast’


Moustache Machine

Some breezy Electro Funk right about now from one of the masters of the genre, French Disco don Moustache Machine. The latest in his series of Sunday Jams this new tune is suitable for any day of the week. Pay attention while the Parisian producer gets his multi-instrumentalist groove on with Live Fast.

Live Fast plays out like an entire soundtrack to an early 80s action-comedy. It’s all in here, the theme, the introspective moments, the against-all-odds bit, the triumph; all se to a funkin’ slab bass and jazzy electric piano. Moustache Machine’s bassline is pure funk heaven, and doesn’t let up for the entire three and a bit minutes, giving the track it;s core. Meanwhile the man plays out various themes, intertwining them into a whole and laying out squelchy synths, loose piano and cheeky retro stabs. Madness!

Moustache Machine – Live Fast

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[MP3] Moustache Machine’s ‘Mission Control’


Moustache Machine

Moustache Machine is a man who normally likes to keep thing firmly in the French Touch territory. With Disco on his mind he deliver a particular brand of Parisian sounds. On his new tune, Mission Control, though, he busts out of this mould and dives into the seas of SynthWave and Italo and when he finally comes up for air, he’s bringing with him a manic hybrid of all of it.

On repeated listens, Mission Control is a really stunning piece of work. There’s so much going on with it that it could have so easily sounded muddled, but Moustache Machine keeps things fluid and flowing so everything sound neat and tidy together. At it’s core the track is Italo influenced SynthWave, in a Kavinsky vein. vintage arpeggios and those big, heavy, synth chords over a driving beat. But the flourishes Moustache Machine papers the track with draw from all over. 80’s Orchestral stabs, wicked Disco licks, SynthPop chimes, big Sci-Fi Trance solos all add up to create a futuristic Disco monster that’s slightly addictive.

Moustache Machine – Mission Control

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[Audio] L’Equipe Du Son reMixed by Moustache Machine and Final DJs


L’Equipe Du Son

Dutch Disco don L’Equipe Du Son, still riding high on his recently released Transmissions album, is gearing up for the release of that records first single featuring the tracks Le Rocker and Snowballing and a whole host of reMixes. We already hit you with Emeron & Fox’s take in Le Rocker last month, so let’s check out two of the single’s other highlights featuring work from one of our favourite Parisian producers Moustache Machine and Germany’s finest, Final DJs.

Moustache Machine works his slick French groove on Le Rocker and morphs the track from a rough Electro stomper into an enticing robo-Disco floorfiller. Powered in equal parts by a driving, arpeggiated Italo bassline and a twisting Continental synth Funk hook. Working each element perfectly, Moustache Machine whips up a cyborg Disco storm that just keeps assaulting you with layers of intertwining melodies. Final DJs take on Snowballing and bring their synth love to the table on full effect. The SynthWave duo keep it steady and deliver waves of lush, warm synths and irresistible vintage beats. It;s a packed reMix package, six tracks, that makes a great compliment to the album.

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Le Rocker (Moustache Machine reMix)

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Snowballing (Final DJs reMix)

L’Equipe Du Son Transmissions is out now on Silhouette Music. The reMixes are released 6th May.

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[MP3] Moustache Machine reMixes Madonna

MADONNA, 1984: This exclusive photo-session with Madonna was made exactly 20 years ago in a photo-studio in Amsterdam. Her record company in Holland telephoned Dutch photographer Kees Tabak and asked him if he would like to photograph a new, totally-unknown singer called Madonna. Luckily he said yes. She brought along two dancers with her. The male dancer is her brother.  Shortly after this session Madonna became a world-known superstar.  **  USA & UK ONLY ** HIGHER RATES APPLY ** © Kees Tabak /  Sunshine / Retna UK

With Classixx’s awesome reMix of Madonna’s Lucky Star nearly two years old now, it’s the perfect time for some fresh blood on the Lucky Star scene. It’s the prefect track for a Disco update, and stepping up for the challenge is French producer Moustache Machine.

The tracks got all the elements for a massive Italo-Disco workout, pumping synth bass, bright keys, evil little Disco licks and Madge’s big vocal. Moustache Machine handles these elements with ease, reworking them into his own version of dancefloor gold. With just the right amount of added driving synth goodness, and the occasional B-Boy breakdown, this is easily one of the best reMixes of this track we’ve heard.

Madonna – Lucky Star (Moustache Machine reMix)

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Yeah/Dish!’s ‘Prom Night’ compilation


Parisian Disco label Yeah/Dish! has been releasing some really nice stuff, for free, over the past year. Many of these releases we’ve featured right here, now the crew are coming out with a full blown compilation. Released today ‘Prom Night’ is nine tracks of pure, Funk fuelled, synth nostalgia.

The tracklist reads like a who’s who of up and coming Nu-Disco artists with a couple of established names and some SynthWave thrown in for good measure. Featuring the likes of Luminaire, Cyclist, Stereocool and Hemmingway you know you;re in for a groove treat, full of laid back summer vibes and lazy Disco with a French flavour. There’s a collaboration between SoHight & Cosmonaut Grechko called, ‘Night Moves’ that’s ever bit as slick as you;’d imagine coming from these two. With a jump-out-your-seat beat and funk synth soloing that just sails through the track, ‘Night Moves’ is what retro synth and Nu-Disco should be all about. The king of SynthWave and Outrun Electro Mitch Murder contributes a sweet, emotional slice of his ‘80’s soundtrack inspired work, ‘Vanilla Sky’ is an atmospheric four minutes of synthesizer gold, with tons of soul. Moustache Machine’s second appearance on electronic rumors today comes from ‘Brenda’ and whiles less frantic that his other work, this more laid back peice is loaded with electronic nostalgia and a smooth groove. Also included is Stay Ali’s recent comeback track ‘Oh Tom’, a twisted and infectiously catchy little experimental peice that never forgets to create a melody that will worm it’s way into your brain. Yeah/Dish! have put together a pretty amazing collection of tracks, for free, and we salute them for it. Salute!

SoHight & Cosmonaut Grechko – Night Moves

Mitch Murder – Vanilla Sky

Moustache Machine – Brenda

Stay Ali – Oh Tom

You can download the whole compilation, for free, here.

Check out more from Yeah/Dish! on SoundCloud.

Moustache Machine’s ‘Pluton Part II’

Moustache Machine

Parisian producer of all things Frenchy and Touchy, Moustache Machine, had just dropped an absolute stormer of a track. It’s a follow up to one of the tracks from his ‘Miami 1986’ EP of last year and whist that EP was an awesome excursion into tough French Disco, this new track is a different beast entirely.

The first ‘Pluton’ was a post-Daft Punk, Post-Justice heavy Electro Disco stomper, but ‘Pluton Part II’ some off a nice new combination of LA Dreamwave and driving Italo sounds. From the opening bars of the track, and that powerful arpeggiated bassline you know things are getting a bit retro. The big filtered Moroder-esque bass and the lush synth chords, playing out a riff so ‘80’s they need a cop show of their own, happily juggernaut along for half the songs six minute length. Then Moustache Machine’s true French epicness gets to shine with some seriously soaring solo work see everything into the finally where Funk synth, majestic piano and layers upon layers of cosmic sounds culminate in an impressive crescendo.

♫ Moustache Machine – Pluton Part II

 While you’re hear, check out the original ‘Pluton’ from last year too.

Moustache Machine – Pluton

You can download ‘Pluton Part II’ for free from Moustache Machine’s Facebook page in exchange for a ‘like’.

Check out more from Moustache Machine on SoundCloud.

Daft Punk reMixed by Moustache Machine


It’s got to be said, Moustache Machine never shy’s away from making brave choices when it comes to his selections of tracks to reMix. an reMixing Daft Punk certainly takes balls.

Luckily, MM has the chops to pull it off and delivers a funky as hell synthetic Disco tune that is respectful of the original and adds some of the smooth Moustache Machine French Touch to the mix. With nice work on the keys and production MM has nailed Nu-Disco again. Maybe it’s time we got some more original tunes?

Daft Punk – Voyager (Moustache Machine reMix)

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Moustache Machine reMixes Billy Idol


It appears to be a day of ‘80’s reMixes!

I approached this reMix of Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ with some caution, this could have been a total cheese-fest. Thankfully Moustache Machine never stoops that low, what he does instead is give us an awesome ElectroPop version of the track. Cold digital sounds lend the track and extra air of tension that builds until the fat distorted Electro synths join the party. It all works surprisingly, and wonderfully well with Mr. Idols instantly recognisable vocal.

Billy Idol – White Wedding (Moustache Machine reMix)

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Moustache Machine reMixes Justice


Hey! I’m writing a post about Justice and Uffie! It’s like it’s 2007 all over again!

The reason for this blast from the (recent) past is one of our favourite up-and-coming producers, Moustache Machine, has reMixed Justice’s Uffie featuring track ‘Tthhee Ppaarrttyy’, giving it a modern retro gloss. All digital bass and stratospheric lead lines Moustach Machine has made the track fresh again.

Justice (Feat. Uffie) – Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (Moustache Machine reMix)


Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

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Moustache Machine’s ‘Miami 1986’ EP

Moustache Machine

“Miami, 1986: After an investigation which mobilised most of the MDPD (Miami Dade Police Department) forces, Miami coastguards sighted and confiscated the “Pluton”, a smuggling mini-submarine, in the city’s industrial port.They will seize 7 tons of cocaine stamped “Moustache Machine”

That’s the blurb accompanying Moustache Machine latest EP, out now for free via Yeah!/Dish Records, and what you get in the tracks does indeed sound exactly like that. the lead track ‘Miami 1986’ is a, nearly, seven minute journey through the narrative, taking in different moods and tempos along the way, taking you from the calm-before-the-storm through to the moment of impact and beyond all in one retro synth track that revels in funky digital bass and atmospheric lead lines.

Moustache Machine – Miami 1986

The EP also includes the intense ‘Pluton’ and reMixes from Action Movie Hero, Le Crayon and Nico Les Tuyaux

You can get the whole ‘Miami 1986’ EP for free here.

Check out more from Moustache Machine on SoundCloud